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You can diversify the communication style in Messenger by using an option such as strikethrough text in Whatsapp. If you still don’t know how to change the font, our material can be used as a convenient and understandable guide.

Strikethrough text on WhatsApp

A key feature of Watsap is the lack of an integrated function for preset editing of the font style. However, you can use the Messenger keyboard to use special characters to transform letters.

With this property you can:

Change the style of the entire message.
Highlight individual parts of the message.
Highlight some words.

In WhatsApp, text contributions can be converted into bold, italic and strikethrough format.

Note! The approach to changing the writing style is the same for all selected languages.


You can cross out the entire post or a single word in the message. Such a transformation is indicated by the symbol ”  ̴“(Tilde). It must be printed before and after the words that need to be transformed. The text in the set looks like this:   ̴ Quiet, just quiet! ̴. And the recipients will already see the post in this version: Quiet, just quiet!

How to create text in WhatsApp step by step:

Enter the chat where the post will be created.
The on-screen keyboard opens.
Select the input language.
Find and set a symbol: select a series of numbers and symbols, go to the second page and press the tilde key.
Retype the message or part of it.
Add a trailing tilde.
Send mail.

Important! When typing a message, do not put spaces between symbols and words or the conversion will not work.


For the weird style you need the “lower room“” “_”. The procedure for entering phrases is identical to the above algorithm for the strikethrough option. The printing scheme looks like this: Quiet, just quiet! For mail recipients, the view is completely different: calm down, just calm down!


Letters are converted into three-dimensional letters using the symbol * *. They get the part of the text or phrase they want to draw attention to. How do I write such a symbol and where can I find it? The asterisk is on the first alphanumeric page in the editor. The structure for writing a message is similar to the previous one: the icon is at the beginning and end of the post to be changed. You don’t need to separate the asterisks with a space.

Note! There’s one more interesting option – the developer’s font. Use the back single quote (the second page on the numeric keypad) to create.

In conclusion, we note that in this software it is possible to change the size of the letters.

You can set the size through the WhatsApp settings menu:

Go to Watsap.
Open the settings area.
Go to the subsection “Chats”.
Make changes in the line “Fonts”.

Don’t your friends know how to create strikethrough text in WhatsApp? Let them use our instructions and they will be able to post interesting messages quickly.


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