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From time to time, users have a question about where messages are stored WhatsApp on Android? This is necessary, for example, to successfully restore the archive with the correspondence after reinstalling the application.

So you can save an archive of WhatsApp correspondence in several places:

On SD memory card;
In the memory of the device itself;
In the repositories of the Internet.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the correspondence is not stored on WhatsApp’s central servers. On the one hand, this excludes the possibility of restoring the message history when switching from one device to another. On the other hand, some users feel calmer knowing that no message will be sent outside of the phone and no one will have access to the correspondence.

On the Internet

Google Drive storage can be used. This requires that the phone and the application itself be synchronized with this service. And of course, so that the user himself has an account there. Apple members can use a similar cloud service iCloud and archive their chat history at any time. A somewhat unusual way is to email the archive to yourself. To do this, go to the screen of the chat you want, scroll down and select “Export Chat”. All you have to do is enter your email address and click “Send”. Here you can also select an option to archive correspondence with all attachments or just texts.

How to access the Watsapp app – registration and login

In the device or on a memory card

Typically, however, users prefer to save their correspondence either on the device itself or on an external SD card. The last option is handy as you can transfer the entire archive to any other device. Archiving takes place automatically once a day.

To get to the archive you need to use any file browser and go to the address: / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases – if saving on an external card has been configured. Or in the WhatsApp / Databases folder – if in the phone’s internal memory.

So the answer to where are WhatsApp messages stored is pretty straightforward. You can transfer your message history to another mobile device at any time or, for example, restore old correspondence from the archive. However, if you do not move the archive files to other folders, the “Databases” folder will be automatically cleaned up after one week. In this case it is no longer possible to restore data.


Users may be interested in where correspondence is stored not just out of simple curiosity Whatsapp. This can be helpful, for example, when cleaning the memory and doing a complete reinstallation of the program.

So where does Vatsap keep all correspondence?

The WhatsApp developers have made it possible to save the chat history on cloud services – in Google storage or in iCloud. For Android and iOS users. In addition, you can implement Backup Messages in manual mode anytime or automatically. Automatic copying takes place at exactly three in the morning. And for manual archiving you need:

Start Messenger Whatsapp on a mobile device;
go to Menu – three vertically arranged dots in the upper corner of the display;
then you have to navigate through the points: the settings – – Chat rooms – – Chats backup;;
and in the new screen press the green button “Backup“.

Another place that WhatsApp messages are stored is on the SD card. And all the data can be found under: / sdcard / WhatsApp / databases. In this case it is possible to open this folder – and to clean it up manually on a regular basis, for example.

At the same time, WhatsApp stores everything related to the correspondence in one way or another – both text messages and files received.

However, an exception can be made to save a video if:

Run the program Whatsapp;;
Press the service button in the form of three dots at the top of the display.
Select the article “the settings“;
and on the new screen – Chat rooms – – Chats backup;;
here you can check the box next to the point “Video“- ie activate or deactivate copying of the received video files.

According to the developers themselves, WhatsApp does not use the practice of storing the history of correspondence on its servers. This is done for security reasons so that no one can hack the company’s server and gain access to other people’s messages. So just in case Clear message history Unfortunately, nothing can be restored.

In general, knowing where WhatsApp messages are stored gives you more flexibility to use this application on your device.


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