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Stickers in social networks are images (stickers) corresponding to a specific holiday, event, hero, or simply expressing feelings. With the help of stickers, you can not only diversify communication, but also convey a number of feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

By default there are no stickers for WhatsApp. While chatting with a friend, the user can regularly send emoticons or gifs. And although their choice is quite large, many people want more – beautiful and interesting stickers. There are two ways to upload and send a sticker:

Through the device gallery.

With the help of a special program.

Either option allows you to download the image for free and use it as you see fit.

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Gallery in the smartphone

You can find a sticker for WhatsApp on the Internet. And in order to send it to a friend you need to do the following:

Save the sticker as an image in the device gallery.
Open Messenger.
Go to chat.

In the message entry line, click the paper clip icon.
Select a saved image.
Click “Send Message“.

The problem is solved. This way you can send an unlimited number of stickers for free.

Additional programs

Various programs with stickers for WhatsApp can be downloaded from the official app stores. The principle of operation of such programs is simple:

The user downloads and installs the application.
Select the sticker you want from the catalog.
Copy it to the clipboard.
Opens in WatsAp.
Inserts the selected picture into the chat.

Of the most popular programs, it is worth noting:

For Android
For iPhone
Funny Emoji Stickers MakerSmileys and Meme for Chat

Stickers for WhatsApp MessengerChatMate

A nice feature of such programs is that the user can not only use the proposed stickers, but also create new ones.

In early 2018, WhatsApp announced different types of stickers that may soon appear in the program. Until that happens, the methods outlined above will help improve communication with friends.


Generally stickers for Watsapa not provided in the traditional sense of the word. However, this does not mean that the sticker cannot be sent. And how to do that is described in this article.

WhatsApp stickers: how to send them

By stickers (they’re just stickers), it is common in social services to mean bright, fun images that can be dedicated to any subject (for example, a holiday, a movie) or a hero.

With the help of a picture, you can diversify your communication with friends, convey complex emotions, express in words what is difficult to convey … or simply cheer up the interlocutor. However, the fact is that WhatsApp does not provide images as such. It is possible that they will appear in subsequent updates, but for now, users will need to use workarounds to resolve the issue. And there are two such options:

Use third party applications;
Submit a sticker as a graphic file.

For the first method, you must first download a suitable application. There are programs that allow you to easily insert stickers as well as programs that allow you to create entire sticker packages yourself.

However, their principle of operation is usually common. Users loads the program, then select the sticker you want from the list – and copy it to the clipboard. Then he goes to the WhatsApp chat – and also inserts it into the message text through the buffer.

These apps include: emojidom, free stickers, smileys and memes for chat, funny emoji stickers, and many others.

You can also download and send a sticker in the form of a picture, simply inserting devices from the gallery while inserting the most ordinary picture:

The WhatsApp program will start.
Transition to Chat rooms and selection of the desired chat;
then a key is pressed on the form Paper clips;;
A file from the gallery is selected from the available attachments.

Done, now you can send stickers and.


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