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The internet is filled with examples of all types of status for a wide variety of instant messengers and social networks. Including on Vatsap there is status about life.

What is status?

The status in this case is a short statement that is usually placed next to the user’s avatar and helps express the philosophy of life, mood or simply – to say nothing. Status are very popular on social networks and messengers. You can either invent it yourself or you can quote a famous saying.

How do I change my WhatsApp status?

Changing your WhatsApp status is easy.

For the Android operating system, the sequence of actions is as follows:

Go to WhatsApp.
When you are in a section you need to go to the menu.
In the menu area next to the entry “Your current status”, click on the picture with a pencil.
You can now edit the status. If you want to delete the current one, you have to long press it and select “Delete status” in the menu that opens.

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For iOS:

Go to WhatsApp.
Open the “Settings” entry.
Click on the “Profile” entry.
The profile settings menu opens, in which you can change the status, among other things.

Examples of status over life

Below are some examples of status status over life, which can either be simply inserted without changes or edited “for yourself”:

Life is as simple as a pickled cucumber;
Life is too short to waste reading status.
When the time comes you will find out;
Now is exactly that time;
My plans for today: live until tomorrow;
If you want to solve a problem, don’t make it a problem.
Complaining about life will make your friends angry, you will only please your enemies, but you will not help yourself;
It is impossible to change the past. However, you can change your start and move your destination.
There is always a place in life for tricks;
Many people live with a corpse inside without realizing it.
One must not talk about life but live;
Don’t listen to whoever says you live in vain. After all, at least you live and you only speak;
What you think about is what you become;
Living life is not a field to cross.
If you cannot live the way you want, then live the way you can.
Life is a Dream. I wish I could finally get some sleep!
If you have nothing, you still have life. And life has everything;
Yesterday doesn’t exist because it has already been lived. Tomorrow too, because it hasn’t started yet. There is only today. This is called life;
But I’m grateful to everyone who shot me: now I know what lead is.


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