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It is sometimes quite difficult for beginners to understand the status of WhatsApp. The simplest and most obvious example of status is when you urgently need a certificate from the passport office, come to the facility and there is a sign on the door – there is no reception today. And after that, your status changes dramatically – don’t come near me! I’m angry, i’m very angry. Here’s something about status. Watsapp Messenger software for smartphones allows users to warn all of their contacts in advance about what status you have and which goat is better to drive. Or maybe it is wiser to bypass the other side and wait for the status change.

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The great thing about WhatsApp is that the messenger will notify you of a change in subscriber status.

How to set a status in WhatsApp

As you know, WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger and the states are assigned a little differently on each type of device. The bottom line is to browse through the menu in the settings and find the coveted item “Status”.

After that, you can do what you want:

Create a new status that reflects the current state of affairs.
Select a status from the available list. All of your statuses on WhatsApp are saved and can be useful in the future when your moods repeat in cycles.

The statuses for Watsap are short – kind of like messages on Twitter, and you need to be able to calm the whole storm of passions that overwhelm you and tell all of humanity that you think of everyone in just about 135 characters .

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Status for WhatsApp with meaning

Sometimes it is sensible not to get involved in amateur appearances, but rather to take pre-made statuses for Vatsap short and meaningful. Simply because all the classics get their ideas from folk art. There is a chance to pick the best of the best, and figuring out a status every time isn’t always an inspiration.
The most important status in 2019: “I will not grant loans, invite you to dinner”.

Status for WhatsApp – Other messengers or social networks are short but concise statements that allow the user to express themselves more fully. For example, express your attitude towards something, convey your mood … Especially popular with users Status on Vatsap about life. Here are just a few of them:

Life is as simple as a pickled cucumber;
Life is not the same for you …
You wasted a few seconds of your life while reading my status.
Either nothing is true or the truth is unknown to us;
In the beginning was the Word. And then words, words, words …;
In life there are innocent joys and wine pleasures …;
In life – as in sport – there is only one winner, the rest are losers.

And here is another one multiple statuses for different occasions::

Don’t put off what you can eat today until tomorrow;
I came, I saw, I ate;
When every little thing can lead to dire consequences, it turns out that little things don’t exist;
Self-deception often leads to self-destruction;
Don’t be afraid to jump over the heads of others. Look, this is how Mario made his career!
The boss is like a diaper: always fucked and always full of shit;
Now I no longer have a status here: My father installed WhatsApp for himself too.
So tired that I’m tired of being tired;
Everything is so annoying that it is annoying to be honest and crazy;
One day I thought … I liked it. And I thought again;
Now you’ve read my status. And then what?..
I live near the cemetery. If you show off we will become neighbors;
I am looking for a pessimist so as not to deceive his expectations;
I miss your bread … and borscht with pasta too;
It is said that people used to smile without emojis;
As my father always said: I am your father!
The most ideal Sunday is Friday evening.

How to change the status of Vatsap

Status on Vacap it is very easy to change. For this you need:

Download WhatsApp first;
Open the Messenger menu and click on the “Status” entry.
Select the pencil-shaped button next to your status.
The status is now available for processing. You can either enter one of the default statuses or enter the text of one of the above.
Save the changes you made.

Now other users can see the new status. Status for WhatsApp You can easily find it on the web and compose many of your own. And who knows, maybe they will go “to the people”.


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