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sound Whatsapp, This is a simple, catchy, but not intrusive sound that helps the messenger to notify its owner of new events in the account.

Watsap and its noises

The WhatsApp sound, which can be downloaded for free at any time, notifies you of events (calls, new messages and posts in chats), even when the messenger is in a minimized state.

The one who owns the program offers a small selection of sounds, melodies that accompany the work of the messenger. However, if necessary, you can turn the sound off completely or replace it with your favorite song.

In order to properly select and use a special melody or sound, you need to upload it to the Messenger root directory. You can perform this action on all devices except iPhones, because Apple smartphones are made in such a way that not only these devices but also the applications running on them cannot be edited.

When the sound that is embedded Program settings, I want to use it for other purposes (not for work in watsap). This can be done by searching for: “Download ringtone for WhatsApp”.

With the downloaded sounds you can:

Change the sound of watsap to tone, that is, increase or decrease it.
Change the character of the melody.
Install the full arsenal of Watsap sounds on every device.
Send sounds to other users by email or by sending messages.

Download WhatsApp audio, Just select the ringtone (melody, sound) you want from the list, right-click the link with the name of that sound and find the command in the drop-down menu “Save up …” Don’t forget to choose a directory to download the file. After the download is completely finished, you need to open the folder for saving sound objects and transfer the selected file (selected files) to another device for which this sound is intended using a cable.

A normal cable with a USB output is suitable for a pair of computer and smartphone. After you’ve downloaded audio files to your phone (or other device), you can set them up for a regular call, alarm clock, or text message. Use our watsap sounds to make your life brighter and your communication more complete.


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