So are paid calls to Watup or Sunself so free

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Recently, with the help of the messenger, which is most actively used by users for communication, it has become possible to call other participants. The main thing is that their phones are in the contact list and they are also using the application. Thanks to the advanced features of the service, many people wonder if WhatsApp calls are paid for.

This question arises for almost everyone who has already established a connection to the program, as even when activated it becomes clear that it interacts closely with the SIM card. But first everyone should know that the messenger only works if there is a stable internet connection. The next thing he needs to understand is a simple thing: the service offers all connected people a package of users that includes free use of the application for the first year. Including the possibility of voice communication with other subscribers and then – you only have to pay 0.99 USD for 365 days. At the same time, it is not possible to precisely answer the frequently asked questions because the service developer has not yet provided information on tariffs.

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Hence, it can be assumed that they do not exist. This means that there are no call charges. In this case, in any case, the funds will be used for traffic according to the associated tariff of a particular provider.

Are WhatsApp calls paid for Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE?

If the Wi-Fi point is unlimited, then payment is made once a month for internet use. In this case, the caller does not have to pay anything for the call. Funds are not charged even if either person is roaming, only if the access point is shared or unlimited. In other circumstances, the communication will be charged on the terms of the mobile operator.

WhatsApp Messegner User Guide – Functions and Features

If a 3G network is used, calls will be charged directly by the company providing the services. This takes into account the amount of information sent and received in megabytes. When calculating the costs, not only text messages are taken into account, but also media files and voice communication. To find out the exact price per kilobyte of information, you need to contact your provider.

Are WhatsApp calls paid for when using the EDGE Mobile Hotspot? This question is almost irrelevant as this method of transferring data is of poor quality. If a person does decide to use it, they will have to pay much more than 3G or Wi-Fi.


We wish that with the WhatsApp system you can always stay in contact with your family, friends and employees at work. That is why we do not distract you with intrusive advertising. About our attitude to advertising as well as about the service WhatsApp is paid or not, Learn more from this article. We require a small subscription fee. I want to emphasize that WhatssApp never transfers money automatically.

Download the application on your mobile device absolutely free of charge and use the system free of charge for 12 months. Then subscribe for just 99 cents for the next year.

There is a cumulative subscription system. If you pay one year in advance, the amount will be added to the current date and you can use the application for another year free of charge. There is no difference between free and paid app development. There is only one difference in usage. Please note that if you uninstall or reinstall the system, the subscription will not be deleted.

The call and SMS function in WhatsApp is completely free

Spam spreads among the Russian customers of this application, where there is false information that the system requires payment for each notification. The text of these messages is designed to make people pay attention. Last fall among Russian citizens who are customers of the application Whatsapp, Massive notifications have spread that as of October every message must be paid for. The spam said that only passive customers should be paid, and to prove their activity it was necessary to send spam to ten people. Remember that WhatsApp is a competitor to the free Viber messenger and it is very popular abroad telegram Messenger from the creator Pavel Durov.

How can I check if your WhatsApp account is paid or not?

Go to Settings – Account – Payment Information

Please note that there was never any information on the official portal of the WhatsApp application and on the blogs of its developers that the messenger will require payment for the service in the future. In addition, the style of this newsletter is similar to the spam that is regularly sent to ISQ customers. The notifications also had to send messages to 10 users for whom the page will be saved. As a reward, the customer receives an ICQ design in gold or blue. Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications that allows you to quickly exchange data over the Internet and thus save money on paying for SMS. Use of the application is completely free for one year. In the future, you’ll only have to pay 99 cents a year.

So are paid calls to Watup or Sunself so free

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