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For positive communication in social networks, not only text messages are used, but also photos, movements, images, memes. Short video gags for Watsap are valued for their subject matter, their sharp humor and their compact size. The most popular are animals, children, film clips, cartoons. Where to find and download short funny videos – we’ll tell you in detail.

Social networks

In addition to Vatsap, there are many other social portals where you can find sparkling and humorous memes – VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki. You can download them to your mobile device in a few seconds.

We follow the algorithm:

We enter the social portal (preferably in an active account).
Find the meme you like.
Find the symbol “divide“(Usually at the bottom right of the video).
Select from the drop-down list Whatsapp.
The media file is displayed in the feed and can be sent to selected recipients.
The videos are saved in the phone folder, but clearing the memory may make them disappear.
Youtube: An advanced portal known for its funny videos can also be used for WhatsApp.

We share media content as follows:

We go to the portal.
We find the video.

Click on the curved arrow below and select “for watsap“.

Share content in the feed delivery boy.

Advice! When the video is an impressive size, you can save it to an active cloud service and share the link with your friends

Separate portals in the network

The network is full of many other websites that regularly post positive content. Most of these resources are free and downloads are instant. It is only important to secure your phone with an antivirus program to avoid downloading malware.

Such sources are convenient in that the user has the opportunity to view all files in full, evaluate their quality and save the selected ones in his gadget. The Play Market and App Store also contain mobile software that contains videos in an appropriate format.

Choose a convenient option to choose content, download short video jokes for WhatsApp and share the positive.


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