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WhatsApp is a wonderful messenger that in addition to its direct function – sending text messages – can organize and send video files. The file size is limited to 100 megabytes, but in most cases this is more than sufficient. But how do I send a video to WhatsApp? The WhatsApp interface is quite simple and intuitive, so even beginners can figure out the problem of sending media files, let alone experienced users.

Main functions of WhatsApp

Why did WhatsApp become so popular?

It is not overloaded with excesses thanks to its simplicity and functionality:

Sending and receiving text messages in real time;
The ability to embed media files, including videos;
Make voice calls;
Absolutely free lately. Before, after a year of use, you had to pay a dollar a year;
The ability to change the background image. You can also overlay your own background for each chat.
The ability to create a group chat with up to 256 participants.

WhatsApp Messegner User Guide – Functions and Features

Send video to WhatsApp

It has already been mentioned above that you can send video files using this messenger. But anyway – how do I send a video on WhatsApp?

The sequence of actions in this case for the Android operating system is as follows:

You will need to log into your WhatsApp account.
Open the chat you want to send the video file to.
Click the paperclip icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
Select the gallery icon from the list of available file types.
Select the video file or multiple files you want on the new screen.
Click the Submit button.

The sending speed depends directly on the speed of the internet connection.

GIFs for WhatsApp – free download

Resend video

WhatsApp also allows you to resend messages and videos already received from one user to another.

For this you need:

Open a chat that you want to send a video from.
You can also select multiple files or messages.
Click the icon with a bold gray arrow.
Go to the chat where you want to redirect the video file.
Click on the “Send” entry.

In this case, the traffic will not be consumed in the same amount as sending a new video. The order and principle are the same for other operating systems. Only images of icons or names of some menu items may differ. For example, in Windows Phone 8.1, a video file is sent by clicking the icon in the shape of a video camera.


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