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Users really enjoy not only texting each other, but also exchanging music or just audio files. No wonder a lot of people wonder how to send a song on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp functions

Aside from sending music, WhatsApp has a number of great features.

After all, it has already been chosen by millions of users around the world for a reason. So WhatsApp can:

Sending and receiving text messages in real time;
Sending and receiving media files including music;
Make calls using Internet telephony.

Sending songs to WhatsApp on Android

Everything is much easier with the Android operating system than with iOS (this is explained in more detail below). To send a media file, you need to select the chat you want, then click the paperclip icon and select the headphone icon from the available file formats.

How do I copy WhatsApp messages to another phone?

This means that the user wants to transfer an audio file. You will then need to select one or more music files and hit the “Send” button. You can also send a music file that has already been received by another user.

To do this, you must first select the original chat, then highlight one or more media files and click on the image of the bold gray arrow. It remains to go to chat with the user who has to redirect the music file and hit the “Send” button.¬†The advantage of this method is that the file itself is not retransmitted. This way you can save time and traffic.

Upload songs on iOS

However, the operating system for iPhones is not that simple. The fact is that Apple touches copyrights a lot and therefore perceives the distribution of music files as piracy. Hence, sending music files to iOS is simply not allowed. However, there are methods to work around this limitation. One of them is installing the third-party iTransfer app.

Video calls in WhatsApp Messenger – application features

It’s free to start with, but it keeps showing up annoying ads. You have to pay to buy the full version. You can download iTransfer from the official app store. After installing the application, you need to open the music library and highlight the file you want. Next, select the “Open In” item in the lower right corner and highlight it in the list of applications¬†Whatsapp. A list of chats and existing contacts opens. It remains to mark the one you want and click on the “Send” item.


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