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One of the things you can do with WhatsApp is to send media files. Including audio. But how do you send audio to WhatsApp?

What files can I send via WhatsApp?

The following files can be sent in WhatsApp chats with a limit of 100MB:

PDF documents;
Photo or other images;
Information about your location;
Information about another contact.

Sending audio to WhatsApp

To send an audio file through WhatsApp, you need to go to the chat you want and then click on the button in the shape of a paper clip in the upper right corner of the screen. A menu will open in which you can select the file type to be sent from those listed above. For example an audio file. It remains to click the “Submit” button.

Forward messages and files on WhatsApp

In addition to sending a new audio file, you can organize resending the message and file from one user to another.

WhatsApp for Windows 7 computers

To do this, proceed as follows:

Go to the chat you want.
Hold the desired message or audio file.
You can select multiple files or messages at the same time.
Click the bold arrow button.
Select a chat to forward an audio file or message to.
Click the Submit button.

It is important to note that resending messages will not download the file again. This saves you a lot of traffic and time.

How do I organize the sending of audio in another mobile operating system?

On iOS, the actions are as follows: select the chat you want, click the Send Media item, choose the type of file to send and the file itself. Click Submit. Pre-recorded audio files will only be uploaded in 8.1 on Windows Phone. The order of actions is similar for operating systems other than Android. The only difference is in the symbols or paragraphs of the names.

Download WhatsApp for Android Tablet

For example, in Windows Phone, you need to click the icon with the picture of the notes to send audio. And for example, in the Blackberry operating system, you need to click the button with the image of the dots and select the “More” item and then click “Send audio”. To send an audio file in Nokia, select Options and then click the Paperclip and Send Audio icon.

In general, the user interface in WhatsApp is very intuitive, so even beginners usually do not experience problems, not to mention more experienced virtual space dwellers who are not new to instant messenger or social networking communication.


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