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An excellent application for WhatsApp communication allows you to always stay in touch and send not only text messages but also graphic, audio and video files. However, to start communicating, you need to find a new contact and add them to your address list. But how do I find a contact in Wotsap?

Add a new contact and search for them

When WhatsApp is started for the first time, the phone book is scanned and subscribers are searched for those on whom this messenger is already installed. At the same time, no additional actions can be taken: you can start communicating immediately.
But what if you need to add a new subscriber who is not in the address book? The answer is simple: you just have to put his number in the phone book. After that, WhatsApp will automatically add the person to their contact list. Important! You must enter the number in international format.

WhatsApp without a phone – like installing on a computer

If the contact does not appear in the list even after this, you must select “Update contact list”. However, if a person doesn’t have WhatsApp installed, they still won’t appear in the list. You can solve the problem using the “Tell a friend” function. The system sends an invitation to a new subscriber to install Messenger. In some cases, the user may not appear in the contact list even after refreshing the list. Unfortunately, only reinstalling Messenger will help in this case. Fortunately, this situation is quite rare.

Is it worth reading someone else’s WhatsApp and how to do it?

When there are too many subscribers

If the contact list has too many subscribers, it is not difficult to find the one you want. You need to click on the envelope icon with a plus in the top right corner of the screen. A new Select Contact screen will open. And again an icon appears in the upper right corner, but with a magnifying glass. By clicking on it, you can enter the name of the desired user in a new text field. The search results are updated as you type. This is how you can quickly find the user you want.

Is it easy to find someone of friends in Watsap to communicate, those who recently installed this application for themselves wonder. In fact, Watsap makes it very easy to find the person you need. Only two conditions must be met for this:

This messenger must also be installed on this subscriber.
His phone number, which his account is linked to, should be in your phone book.

Then everything happens automatically: the contact is dragged into the application and is available for communication, unless your friend likes you block. Optionally, you can assign this person to one or the other interest group for communication. Once you have WhatsApp, your friend can see you there too and contact you.

It’s a different matter if you want to protect yourself from some kind of enemy whose data you are blacklisting in your notebook. Watsap also has its own “blacklist”, where you can happily send your culprit. But for that you have to calculate it there first.

How do I identify a person in a messenger?

IN THE Whatsapp A person can change their name, that is, introduce themselves in a different way, but the phone number remains the same for them. Hence, you have no choice but to find a friend or foe in Wotsap by phone number. This is the easiest way to identify it. So if you find yourself receiving constant calls from a certain number, all you have to do is save it in your notebook. Then Vatsap will do everything in automatic mode.

If the friend you want to invite to the group has not yet installed a popular messenger, you can invite your friend to do so via one of the social networks.


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