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The question of how to remove WhatsApp from iPhone can arise not only when the user has decided to leave the virtual world for the real one, but also when the messenger suddenly stops working stably for some reason or from scratch needs to be reinstalled. However, you don’t have to delete your account as some people think. However, removal is also discussed below.

Remove WhatsApp from iPhone

Removing the WhatsApp application itself from the iPhone is as easy as peeling pears. It’s even easier than it is on Android.

To remove WhatsApp from iPhone you will need:

Go to the iOS home screen and the window that has the WhatsApp icon.
Long press the Watsap icon until all the icons on the screen start vibrating.
Click the cross in the upper left corner of the WhatsApp icon.
Select “Erase Application And All Data”.

Why may messages not reach in Vatsap?

The WhatsApp application will be completely removed from the device. However, this does not delete the account. The user will still be shown in his friends’ contact lists and in individual and group chats.

Can WhatsApp be restored after deleting?

For sure. Also, from time to time you need to delete WhatsApp on the device and reinstall it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

How do I delete a WhatsApp account on iPhone?

Deleting not only deletes the account itself, but also the user from the favorites list of friends, as well as all chats and message history. This also includes deleting the user from all chats, including group chats. To delete an account in WhatsApp, you need to go through the menu items: Settings РAccount РDelete Account. Next, you need to dial your phone number in international format to prevent accidental deletion or another user.

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Can my account be restored after deletion?

If you need to restore your account, you will need to re-register with the same number as before and then restore the message history from external storage. Unlike some instant messenger and social media accounts, deleting accounts is irreversible. If you register from the previous number, it will still be possible to restore the history of correspondence, but everything else will be irrevocably deleted.


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