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Deleting messages in Watsap is not a system function, but has been improved and integrated in later versions of Messenger. In this context, messages deleted from the feed do not disappear from the program records, but only become invisible to the user. And if the subscriber wants to return the correspondence, they can do so. Using the above guidelines, you can find out how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

How to get back deleted messages

The method of returning and reading messages depends on the time between deletion and the decision to restore.

There are two return algorithms:

If 7 days have passed since removal;
If more than 7 days have passed since removal.

Restore new correspondence

The Watsap production settings require a nightly data backup. The last copy of the reserve is kept for 7 days. You can return it by reinstalling the messenger yourself.


to open “The settings”.
Run “Application manager“.
Find WhatsApp and click Clear.

Important! When deleting, you do not have to agree to delete the data, otherwise the reserve will be reset to zero.
Find the new version in the Google Store.
Activate download.
WhatsApp will inform you of the backup during installation. Agree to download.
Check the feed – the disappeared texts should appear.

Important! Any media files deleted by the user cannot be recovered this way.


Turn on the main screen.
Find the Watsap icon.
Press and hold your finger until a cross appears.
Confirm the deletion by holding down the cross.
Start the installation of a new software version via the AppStore.
Allow backups to be uploaded.

Recommendation! To avoid permanent data loss, it is better to set up frequent backups in advance by sending a copy to the cloud storage, USB or SD card.

Automatic copy creation is configured using a Google account (for Android only) or third-party backup software (for iOS).

Restoration of previous correspondence

Can deleted messages be read over a long period of time? However, this requires third party software, the quality of which must be viewed as demanding. The software opens access to system files in which previous backups can be saved.

From a mobile application on your phone:

Search in stores, online, and download software compatible with your device, such as notification history.
Activate the installation and start.
Allow the app to access notifications.
Open the section with Vatsap notifications.
Find copies of deleted ones.
Duplicate information if necessary (send, download, save in memory, etc.)

Use a computer:

Connect your smartphone to your computer.
Enter the system files of the device via the path: My Comp – Disk (Smartphone) – WhatsApp – DataBase – file msgstore.db.crypt.
Save the file on your computer.
Open site Recover messages.
In the search bar, open the file storage path on the PC.
Start recovery.
Save data on your computer or in the cloud.

If the subscriber knows how to read deleted WhatsApp messages, they may not worry about the risk of losing important data completely if the history is accidentally deleted.


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