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Images for status in WhatsApp can be downloaded from any search engine or website. In addition, they can be like ordinary pictures. It’s not uncommon for them to have inscriptions on them. The feature itself is very popular which encourages people to take certain actions.

Step one

First you need to go to a special site, for example: There it is very easy to download a picture for the status in WhatsApp Messenger. They are represented by entire collections. To get at least one, all you have to do is select the one you want and hit the green arrow. Free download buttons can be designed in different ways.

Step two

Images for status in Watsap can convey a variety of emotions or meanings. Therefore, their exposure should have a specific algorithm of action. It is also possible to create statuses from a photo. This requires a simple image editor and a more or less decent device.

Contact names are missing in WhatsApp – what to do

In order to turn on the Android operating system, you need to perform a certain sequence of actions. First, you need to go to the WhatsApp program itself. Then click on the status label. A dialog box opens in which you “Add status“. There are special possibilities, in which a picture is selected from a gallery or photographed with an external or front camera of a smartphone / tablet. On a PC this function requires a webcam.

WhatsApp online – login from the phone

If the operating system is IOS, you must first select your avatar in the program. Then the article “intelligence“. The text status is simply hammered into the current information field. Images and photos are displayed in Messenger itself. A small icon is displayed in the lower left corner. It opens”status“. After opening, you must select Add status. The corresponding photo or gif animation is already selected from the smartphone gallery in the dialog box. The possibility of taking photos with an external / front camera is also possible.


Images are used for various purposes in WhatsApp Messenger. They help express your feelings, convey your mood and shape your profile. Which pictures for WhatsApp are most popular in Messenger and where can I find them? You can find a detailed overview in our material.

Avatars – profile design

By registering their own profile in WhatsApp, not all users tend to put their photo on the screen saver. Special avatar images are often used: images of emoticons, funny animals, photo collages. They have a specific format that fits within the compact confines of the accounting profile. Such pictures can be placed in personal chats and group chats. It is possible to develop unique logo avatars for the company network.

The note! Many websites devoted to Vatsap design have a heading called “Avatars”. The selection is always extensive and is updated regularly.

Backgrounds – Change the format of the ribbon

The boring white background gets boring over time. I want to diversify the messenger’s news feed. Special background images are suitable for this. They are downloaded from internet sources and mobile stores. They can be installed instead of the standard WhatsApp settings. Over time, the background can be changed to another or reverted to the original.

Important! When setting the background, you need to make sure that the image file has a certain size and other parameters.

Pictures with meaning – status

The databases with status images are constantly updated with cool images for WhatsApp. With status images and photos you can convey the mood and position in life and draw the attention of the interlocutors to a specific topic. In the catalogs you will find pictures for girls, greeting, event.

Recommendations! Downloading photos and pictures will save the data in the phone memory. Try to delete seldom used data so as not to fill the gadget with unnecessary data.

Where to get beautiful pictures on WhatsApp – the best selection

You can download cool pictures (with the meaning of life etc) for watsap on separate websites. In any search browser, it is enough to enter beautiful pictures on WhatsApp, and the system will display the most popular image databases. Almost all images can be downloaded to your smartphone for free.

This is how the boot algorithm works – suitable for Android OS and iOS:

Enter the browser (which is installed on the smartphone).
Enter a query for Watsap in the search area.
Go to the website and select the image you want.
Click on it and activate the start menu.
Save in device memory.
Use this option to send or configure a profile.

Now you know how to send cool pictures to your friends, say good morning, or set the tone for a group chat.

Images with meaning

For girls

For men

Cool pictures


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