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Strangely enough, the old version Whatsapp still interested some users. And it’s not just about nostalgia for the old days when the messenger was just developing and everyone was young. The need to download and install the old version can be for several objective reasons.

Why may you need to download an old version of WhatsApp?

There are several reasons for this decision. For example, if the user’s device or operating system is also out of date. After all, not everyone has the latest iPhone or Samsung model in their pocket. Accordingly, updated versions of Watsap can simply “slow” down on devices that are too weak or not be supported by androids of earlier versions.

It can also be assumed that Updated Prior to the latest version, WhatsApp suddenly started working “somehow wrong” or even refused to start at all. In this case, the user can choose to revert to an older version of WhatsApp that was previously functioning normally.
After all, one cannot rule out the usual curiosity, the desire to see with your own eyes – how it was when it just started …

Where can I download old WhatsApp?

Oh, but on official website Messenger, it is impossible to download the old version of WhatsApp. Developers simply don’t provide version history to users. However, as always, there is a way out:

For example, you can download old versions from our portal. All you have to do is follow the link http://whatsapp-downloads.ru and choose exactly the option that suits you best;
You can also use third party websites dedicated to outdated software.
or try to find a stream.

In a word, there are still options.

Should I use the old version of WhatsApp?

Another question – is it worth working with an outdated version of this messenger? Developers not only release more and more updates for their idea.

With each new version, the functionality of the program is updated and expanded, and the functions that could previously only be dreamed of become possible. And as soon as the need arises, for example to exchange a large file with another user, the old version can simply refuse to work.

And the security problem must not be overlooked: encryption and security protocols also keep pace with the times. So with the old version you can become a victim of intruders …


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