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Ok Google, WhatsApp is a search engine and messenger. How are they related? As you know, a long time ago Google gave smartphones such an excellent voice search function as “OK Google!”. This innovation applies to phones that run on the Android operating system. According to recent reports, more and more other well-known messenger companies are introducing similar features.

Extension of the functions of the messenger

In order to further simplify communication with WhatsApp, the same system has now been introduced: with only the voice of the owner, the phone enters the messenger and sends a dictated message to the participant, who must also be named and recognized by the program.

So, Google and Vatsap have combined their projects to make it even more convenient for subscribers to use these two services.

Here is an example showing how to make a query for the Google voice search service “Okay”: “Download WhatsApp for free!” After this request has been made in the smartphone’s loudspeaker, anyone can search their smartphone’s browser without using alphabetical input, provided that the “Okay Google” function is installed on the device.

Features Ok Google and Watsap

Since the WhatsApp program is freely distributed, it can be easily downloaded from the specified resource. However, you should pay special attention to the Internet traffic that is used to download the installation file.
If you do not have access to low-cost traffic, it is recommended that you look for a Wi-Fi network so that downloading the Messenger installation file does not “gobble up” your entire mobile account.

The second option is to use Windows tools to download the file to a computer or laptop and then transfer it to a smartphone for installation and activation.


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