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Not enough space message Watsapp, can occur both during the initial installation of the program and during its use. However, as will be shown later, this error can occur even if it is known that there is enough free space …

If there is not enough space, WhatsApp

If you get a message about the lack of free space on the hard drive while trying to install WhatsApp, the first thing to do is to clear the device’s memory. According to the developers, you need at least 1 gigabyte of free space for WhatsApp to work properly. Of course, the mobile application itself does not “consume” that much memory, but the messenger also has to save some files.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to install today’s versions of WhatsApp on a removable SD card. So you need to estimate the availability of free space on the device itself before you decide to install it WhatsApp for phone calls.

An error can also occur during operation. The point is that WhatsApp will automatically record all the media files it receives. And with intensive communication, the device memory can fill up very quickly. So if you try to take another picture or video again, the program will not be able to do it … The natural way out of the situation can also be seen as freeing up space from unused programs and files. However, you can clean up the service files in WhatsApp. Therefore:

First, download the WhatsApp messenger yourself.
Then click the button in the top right – three dots;
Select the items from the following menu: “Chat rooms – – Chat history – – Delete all chats“.

You can also recommend clearing the program cache. This is done as follows:

The item is selected on the Android device the settings Operating system;
then you have to go to “Application manager“;
Find and select Messenger from the list here Whatsapp;;
and click on “clear cache“(” Delete data “).

An application error reporting a lack of free space can occur even if there is a lot of space on the card. The user can simply forget to slide the switch on the memory card to the write access position. Some people purposely set this little lever on the SD card to read-only and then forget about it. Of course, WhatsApp cannot save anything on such a card. Accordingly, we allow writing on the card.

A little bit about Vatsap himself

WhatsApp is a wonderful and multifunctional messenger from all sides. It is not without reason that more than a billion users worldwide use it today. And the number of active users is only growing. The program supports both instant messaging and making voice and even video calls.


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