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The question of how to save audio from WhatsApp makes sense. In fact, it is impossible to save audio using standard means. It’s hard to say why the developers took away this option from users. This is most likely due to copyright issues. Apple is particularly painful in this regard, as it is often no longer possible to send and save songs and movies from its applications.

However, there are still ways to save:

Drag the device out of the cache.
Look in the internal folder of the media files.
By sending yourself an email.

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Actually, automatically Whatsapp saves only voice messages received by the user.

Working with the cache

Many platforms use what is known as a cache for their applications. Temporary files are saved there. If the device was unable to overwrite the cached audio file received, it can be pulled out from there. In order for WhatsApp to save audio automatically, you must leave the option “Automatically upload media” activated in the chat settings.

During installation, WhatsApp automatically creates service folders in which, among other things, media files are stored. To get them out of there you need to go to / WhatsApp / media /.

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Working with email

However, none of these methods can be considered fully functional: WhatsApp may not save the music track. However, the following method can be considered reliable. All you have to do is send a message with an audio attachment to your own email, from which the song is then extracted. Of course, this is not what the user would want, but a better way has not yet been invented. Even third party apps like iTransfer for iOS only allow you to transfer audio files but not save them from Watsap.


Someone may have heard how to save audio Whatsapp. But after climbing through the settings and menus, I unfortunately couldn’t find this feature. That’s right: WhatsApp does not allow you to save audio files using standard means. Such a limitation is most likely due to the fact that developers fear copyright infringement. Apple is particularly careful in this regard. However, there are still ways you can save an audio file on WhatsApp.

How can I save an audio file in WhatsApp?

First of all, WhatsApp allows anyone to record and send voice messages. This is a kind of answering machine. This feature can be useful, for example, when you need to send a message to someone who is not currently on the network. Accordingly, he receives a message as soon as he goes online.

By default, WhatsApp automatically saves such voice messages. And you can find them in the folder / WhatsApp / media /. You can also:

Try pulling the audio recording from the smartphone (or computer) cache yourself. Large files are temporarily stored here so that you can view them again. For example, it’s in the folder for Android / Cache;;
You can also forward the message to yourself via email. Well there is already the audio or video to draw.

Unfortunately there are no more ways to save an audio recording from Whatsapp. And even, it seems, specially created for this application, such as iTransfer to the iOS and the like, you can only transfer and transfer audio recordings. But just don’t keep them separate. But of course it cannot be ruled out that such a function will appear in Vatsap in the future. So it makes sense to keep an eye on any updates.


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