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One of the most popular messengers is Whatsapp, The number of its users has exceeded the limit of 100 million worldwide. However, the acquisition of a mobile client by Facebook triggered a storm of emotions among users and made them search for analogues of the WhatsApp messenger.

Should You Panic Prematurely? Everyone knows that Facebook does not use its users’ personal data in good faith, does not impose targeted advertisements on them and provides profile information to the public.

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Don’t rush if you can’t use WhatsApp for any reason. There are many other customers out there who are inferior to this in terms of neither the quality of communication nor a multitude of additional options.

Messenger analogues from Watsap: how many are there?

Alternative programs include:


They have many advantages and differences, but there are also a number of points that are similar to Watsap. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


It was one of the first apps that allowed users to connect by sending short text messages and making calls. You can really call anywhere in the world. The client is available for devices based on operating systems such as iOS, WindowsPhone, Android, Blackberry and even Amazon Kindle.

Works equally fast on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Minus – does not automatically pull contacts from the address book, they have to be added manually. You can make video and audio calls and transfer files in various formats.

Additional advantages are:

the ability to send SMS to cell phone numbers;
If the user is not online, you can set up call forwarding.
In a group chat, a maximum of 50 people can communicate in one video at the same time – only 25;
colorful emoticons and the ability to draw a sketch yourself.

Skype has long been a synonym for limitless communication in the truest sense of the word.


The second most popular messaging client, Photographs, However, calls to any country are paid for. Authorization takes place via a telephone number, which must be valid.

The benefits include:

immediate integration into the device phone book;
Availability of video calling option;
can work synchronously on a computer and a mobile device;
The developer offers versions for different platforms.
updated regularly.

A very useful option that is not available in WhatsApp but is available in Skype – ViberOut. By activating it, you can call any landline or mobile phone number, regardless of the country in which the subscriber lives. Calls are paid, you need to top up your account in advance, otherwise it will not be possible to dial the number at the appointed time.


This messenger from China is not very common in our country. However, it is an excellent tool for not only communicating, but also ordering food and water deliveries and calling a taxi service. The program is provided free of charge and can be installed on all modern mobile platforms. 

The application can be used to communicate on social networks and always keep in touch with friends. The main advantage is the lack of intrusive advertising.

The client installation takes no more than a few minutes, while it quickly syncs with the phone book and is added to the contact list of all subscribers who have the application already installed.


The Japanese instant file and text messaging client is characterized by three big words: convenience, security, and convenience. You can download and install it from the official website for absolutely free. The installation process takes a few minutes.

There are no monetary functions in line. The app is monetized using a sticker store with a fairly large selection of images, games, and other bonus options.

The benefits of the program include:

the ability to send not only text messages, but also video, audio and voice files with size restriction;
Video calls are free. You only pay for mobile traffic or provider services.
There are group chats with a large number of participants.
You can send animated images without converting them to video format first.

Line is affordable and reliable, you won’t regret downloading it.


This messenger is a gift to all users of the CEO of the social network VKontakte Pavel Durov. By the way, he has nothing to do with this network, except for the ideological inspirer.

The benefits for the customer include:

the speed of response to given commands;
quick sending of messages;
the ability to transfer not only photo and video files, but also documents in PDF format;
can be installed on devices with iOS, Windows and Android platforms.

The programs are very light and do not take up much memory. It is recommended to install it in the memory of the device itself and not on a flash drive.

We told you which messengers are similar to WhatsApp, about their main advantages and features. However, the decision must always be made by the user.


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