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Some users of the instant messenger, which is designed to instantly transfer text and media files, accidentally delete important information from other people in it. Hence, they are always interested in whether it is possible to recover deleted messages in Whatsapp? When people suffer such a nuisance, they don’t need to despair as there are several ways to return the lost information. They differ from each other and depend on the time of the correspondence. In order to get back the latest texts and attachments, you need to remove Messenger completely. After that, a file will be downloaded that will allow you to install the program in a convenient way, or the application store will be visited. After the installation, the messenger starts.

Then you have to agree to the terms of use or enter the same real phone number. Next, a window will open where the person will see the information that the correspondence stored in the internal memory of the gadget is associated with the dialed number. The service offers to restore or skip it. At the same time, you can only return the correspondence once at a given time. To do this, you have to press the button with the corresponding label. After simple manipulations, the mobile device owner will understand exactly how to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. He can see the lost material in the “Chats” section.

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How can I restore older messages in WhatsApp?

If information is accidentally deleted, it can delete information that was transferred much earlier than the last text or media files. When such a situation arises, the owner of the gadget is also always interested in how to recover messages in WhatsApp.

To resolve this issue, you should:

Always make a backup. This can only be done within a week. Otherwise all information will be lost forever.
Make sure you use the same number for copy and restore.
Save the transferred texts and media files manually. To do this, the user has to enter the program settings, click on “Chats and Calls” and then select a backup.

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In order not to search for information on how to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp, you need to use Messenger carefully. If the correspondence was deleted anyway, the above material will help clear the error.


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