Main Reasons Watup Not Working

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Main Reasons Watup Not Working

WhatsApp is a pretty unpretentious application and usually works pretty well. However, nothing is perfect. And even a messenger as wonderful as WhatsApp can get moody from time to time. What could be the root of the problem and why is WhatsApp not working?

Communication problems

In the vast majority of cases, the user has precisely communication problems. You need to check that you have access to the internet. All you have to do is load a page into a mobile browser. If it doesn’t load, all you have to do is wait for it to reconnect.

Your provider may be blocking some messaging applications. Sometimes it happens. You should call the provider’s service center and check if WhatsApp is blocked. Often times, the root of the problem lies in the Wi-Fi network. You need to check all network settings, disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi. This problem is particularly common at public access points. It is also not withheld from checking the balance on the phone. It is entirely possible that the user is simply “at zero”.

Application problems

However, sometimes there are problems with the WhatsApp application itself. The solution could be:

How do I use WhatsApp Messenger in the emulator?

Reboot your phone. Yes, it’s that simple. Sometimes an application may crash or simply “freeze” due to a memory overflow, for example. After restarting the device, WhatsApp may work as expected again. complete reinstallation of WhatsApp. Such a drastic measure will help solve the problem, if none of these help. To completely reinstall WhatsApp, you need to uninstall it. This is done either using standard operating system tools that clear the cache or you can use third-party utilities to uninstall mobile applications.
The latter option is of course preferable, as it allows the most complete cleaning. It is also worth backing up all chats in advance if this is critical as once the application is uninstalled, it will also delete all archives. Examples of such utilities to completely uninstall mobile programs are: Root Uninstaller, Root App Delete, Uninstaller, Cleaner, and many others.

Next, the latest version of WhatsApp will be downloaded and reinstalled. You can try to reset all application settings to the original and watch how the messenger behaves. Sometimes the function of accepting notifications is simply disabled in the phone. In this case, the participant cannot receive any messages. Activate this function in the phone settings. The phone may simply run out of battery – and put it into a sleep mode. The solution is simple: charge the battery and check that the notification accept function is connected. If the WhatsApp you just downloaded is not working, that version of the application may not be compatible with the phone.

How do I use the blacklist in WhatsApp?

It must be clarified in advance for which model you need to download this or that version of the Messenger. To avoid this problem in advance, it is recommended to download WhatsApp either from the official website, which has specific sections for each model, or from Google Play or the App Store. In most cases, these services will automatically detect the device model and select the required version of an application. Another reason for WhatsApp stopped working was the late subscription fees. It was required to do it for a dollar a year. However, in early 2016, the developers decided to make WhatsApp completely free.


Users often encounter problems with the application. Whatsapp – Let’s look at the main problems and how to solve them. Questions like this are very popular: Why WhatsApp doesn’t work Today ? Or what should I do if WhatsApp is not working? You will find the answers to your questions in this overview. These are the main reasons why the application might not work.

What to do when messages arrive with a delay (on Android devices)

First, check the signal strength of your internet channel. The easiest way is to open a website on the Internet, for example our website If the download is slow or does not open at all, the problem is with your internet channel.

If the page loads with no issues and no brakes, you’ll need to contact your cellular operator or administrator (if you’re using Wi-Fi from work) to find out and make sure your router is configured correctly. In order for WhatsApp to work, you have to enter the authorization in the router Soket and network Links.

Try changing the settings in WhatsApp notifications

Go to the application
push the button MENU
Go to the tab  the settings – – Notifications

There are several settings in Notifications that you can change as you wish. These settings can be found under Chat notifications and group notifications.

Now the installation of WhatsApp PCs is required. If you want to download WhatsApp for your computer, see this link for installation instructions and the files themselves for the work. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.

If WhatsApp still doesn’t work, here’s how

Recommendations for setting up WhatsApp:

Restart your phone (disable and enable)
For Android devices, it is recommended to install a program to set up PUSH notifications and see if that solves your problem
Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp
Turn on the background the settings – –Data transfer – – Menu
Sign out of all Hangouts accounts by clicking an account, scrolling down and clicking Sign Out. Then go back to Hangouts and sign in with a new one.
Disconnect and connect to the Wi-Fi network
If you need to connect to Wi-Fi networks frequently, you can go here “Settings – Wi-Fi – Menu – Additional functions – Wi-FI in sleep mode“, And make sure the status is set”Do not break the connection“.

If you have any additions or the problem remains unsolved, feel free to describe your problem in the comments. We’re here to help.

Main Reasons Watup Not Working

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