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Unlike most instant messengers or social networks, logging out of WhatsApp on Android is not easy. In other words, it is completely impossible to log out. While this does not mean that the answer to the question of how to get out of Vatsap is negative.

Does WhatsApp always work?

Sometimes you want to leave the virtual space and live a real life. However, the developers of WhatsApp have made sure that users receive real-time notification of every new message. Also, WhatsApp will start automatically every time you turn on your mobile device. The developers have focused on the similarity of messages to regular mobile SMS. So you always stay in contact. However, this is not always practical as it is constantly consuming traffic. And a discharged battery can be completely empty thanks to WhatsApp. Does this mean that it is impossible to be offline on WhatsApp? Of course not.

How do I connect Watsap to different devices?

Ways to log out of WhatsApp

To log out of WhatsApp:

First of all, you can simply unload the application from memory. To do this, you have to select in the application manager and just stop it. A message will appear stating that this may cause the phone to operate unstable. However, you can safely disable WhatsApp.
Second, you can turn off all notifications in the iPhone. You need to select the gear icon and switch to the application. There is also an element to turn off notifications.
Third, for Android, you can download a special application called Hide Status. This allows you to change your status offline.
Fourth, you can just turn off the internet on your mobile device.

WhatsApp web video calls from computer online

As you can see, it is still possible to leave Vatsap, albeit not in a fully “legal” way.


Are you an active member of the Vatsap social network? Then our instructions on how to quit Watsap on different devices will certainly be helpful. There could be several reasons for this need – to replace the device, the need to make changes to the account details, update the software, and lose the device. In such cases, it is important to ensure that the user is signed out of the account for all linked gadgets.

Smartphone edition

How to sign out of WhatsApp account on Android system. In principle, the Android and iOS systems work identically, so we systematize the options in a single list:

Disconnect the network: temporary solution. The message just won’t come, but when the network is activated, they will fall from all sides. Not recommended for a long time.
Go to the gadget’s network settings (network, swipe up from the top of the screen and click the data transfer icon).
Turn off cellular data and network devices.

Deactivate notifications: Suitable for those who want to be online but so that chats don’t bother with sounds and pop-up windows:
Go to the messenger.
Go to the menu “The settings” (Equipment).
Select a section “Notifications”.
Set the slider in the row to inactive to display notifications.
In addition, you can turn off the sound of notifications through the smartphone settings (usually in the section) “Sounds” or “Warnings”).

Install the anonymizer: recommended for Android devices. In the Google Market you can find special add-ons for Messenger that hide the online status of the user (very handy for those who work).

Private status: works under iOS, activated via settings:
We go into the messenger settings.
We vote “Status” – – “Confidentiality”.
We activate data protection.

As you can see, there are a few options for signing out Watsap on your phone. You can choose the most acceptable option.

Log out of the computer

Use the web option to temporarily disable WhatsApp without deleting it.

How to do everything right – follow the algorithm:

Enter the messenger.
Start “Settings” (lower right corner).
Select Web / Comp from the list.
We activate the action “Log off from all computers”.

Your PC is no longer in the account.


A common situation is when a device is lost or stolen. In such a situation, you can act in several ways:

Block lost SIM card if phone is stolen. As a result, the messenger’s work will also cease.
Contact Vatsap Technical Support, provide registration details, and submit an account suspension request.

Our guidelines make it easy to find out how to log out of WhatsApp and help your friends manage their privacy settings and social media status.


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