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Quote post in Whatsapp as easy as sending the first one. On this occasion the user receives an extended function. He no longer has to manually enter the same text if he wrote it before, or try to send it through someone from Contacts.

How to quote someone else’s words in another WhatsApp conversation on Android

You can now use the offer option for all versions of the application, which leaves two full minutes to write a text. This manipulation must be carried out according to the algorithm.

Go to the correspondence with the user and find the message of interest in it.

Hold the button down for a few seconds.

A screen is displayed in front of the user with operations that can be performed on the selected message.
The left-pointing arrow moves the letter into the input field, and the right-pointing arrow moves the text to another chat.

Good to know! If the application does not create an offer due to a lack of suitable buttons, the operating system version of the smartphone is out of date or the application only needs to be reinstalled and updated

How to quote a WhatsApp message on Apple

Before quoting, make sure that you have the latest version of Messenger installed on iPhone. Otherwise, searching for a transfer method will only find the delete button.

Unlock the iPhone and go to WhatsApp.

Open the correspondence you want and slide your finger over the selected letter from left to right.
The quotation of the written message is automatically transferred to the input field. You can add any comment.
At the end, click on the arrow to the right of the input field to send the quoted letter.
Good to know! If the user doesn’t know how to quote a message in WhatsApp, they can use the copy and paste text option

The ability to create quotes is not available on all operating systems. For example, for the Windows Phone platform, developers are only considering one such option.

There are times when the interlocutor in the chat utters a remarkable inimitable sentence. How do I write a report related to this phrase? For such cases, the modern version of Watzap is equipped with a citation option. How to quote text messages in WhatsApp and share them with friends? An overview with instructions is devoted to this topic.

How do I quote on WhatsApp?

Features of the function for creating a footnote:

Only available for Android and iOS;
Works with the latest versions of Messenger.
Available for group chats;
Acts without reference to the language of the quote and the input answer;
Applies to text messages only.

The interface of the quotation mark function fulfills the simplified requirements of the messenger so that this action can be performed quickly and without complications.

How to quote an Android post in WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp.
Go to the chat you want.
Select a message to receive a quote.
Press and hold your finger on the post until a submenu appears.
Select the citation action (angle arrow).
Print out a message below the finished listing and submit it to the feed.

How to create an offer in WhatsApp iOS:

Go to the messenger.
Select the chat and the post you want.
Click on it and immediately slide it from left to right.
The offer is generated automatically.
Make your message on it and send.

Note! There is no need to copy and paste a friend’s message into the message body. Both options allow you to create an offer that is different in format from the other person’s reply.

Why quoting is convenient:

Ease of administration – the ability to respond precisely to a message;
Convenience of correspondence in group chats when it is necessary that the answers are not mixed in meaning;
Suitable for business communication between colleagues (especially for making appointments).

By using quotation marks, you can correctly reply to a friend’s post without causing any clutter in the feed. This option is also useful for business messages where accurate dates are important.


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