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The so-called “lucky letters” in Wasape appeared quite a long time ago. And from time to time they cover the messenger with their wave.

Lucky letters in WhatsApp Messenger

The first such wave swept WhatsApp in 2013, the second in 2015. And now it looks like the third is coming. Some may notice a certain periodicity here, but analysts do not tend to associate this with specific events and so do not talk about patterns.

Lucky letters are in themselves:

Comic in nature;
to withdraw money from the user;
as well as mundane spam.

Many social network users have come across the first and second types. It is suggested to send this or that message to several of your friends so that they can also send it to their acquaintances, etc. As a result, it is as if the user is expected to have immeasurable luck in business. Or vice versa – a terrible misfortune if he refuses to forward the letter.

There are also letters offering to deposit a certain amount of money to continue using WhatsApp for free. Or, you may be offered to download a paid application to confirm your intention to use Vatsap in the future … there may be many options. But they have the same goal – to get money from the user one way or another.

Finally, there is also everyday spam. However, this phenomenon is no longer surprising.

What should I do if one of these letters has been received? And best of all, nothing at all. However, it is recommended to block such an annoying participant so as not to receive something like this from them in the future. And it goes without saying that you don’t have to send money to anyone – even if it is a very meager amount. And it is better not to forward the “lucky letter” to your friends.


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