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Who said instant messaging was no longer relevant? By installing the WhatsAppMasenger application on your gadget, you will say goodbye to standard SMS forever. This application is very popular and supported by operating systems such as WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, blackberry, Windows Mobile and Nokia branded mobile devices.

Mostly convenient last version Whatsapp promotes comfortable communication and group conferences of your Android operating system. With the help of this program, you can easily send text and multimedia content over the worldwide network, in contrast to normal SMS sending. You can download the latest version of Watsapp for your phone from our portal

If you have a large audience who have this application on their mobile devices, this is a great way to save money on sending standard SMS messages. With this system you can easily communicate with your friends. WhatsApp Android application brings the best of quick messaging and text messaging features into one powerful program. The system connects to 3G / EDG and Wi-Fi (if installed) so you can easily communicate between your friends, relatives and work colleagues.

WhatsApp Mesenger properties

The process of installing this application is difficult in that implementing the program requires you to use your mobile device and test it with text. This process only takes a few minutes. This may annoy you a little, but the installation process will help your friends who use the program find you on the system quickly.

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If you installed this program only once, all you will do in the future is to enjoy it. After installing the application, a user-friendly interface is displayed that does not contain any unnecessary annoying advertising information. The communication window contains the history of the correspondence and negotiations in linear form. All you have to do is enter a message and click “Send Message“.

In addition to regular correspondence, the Watsapp system supports many other functions. For example, you can easily send a picture from a mobile device on your camera or save information on a video, communicator, contacts, audio, notes and also indicate your location.

The following advantages:

The application gives you unlimited free communication and allows you to send as many messages per day as you want.
You can keep in touch with friends all over the world and save money on sending standard messages.
The application can be perfectly integrated into your telephone contacts and uses your personal number as an SMS.
You don’t need to enter or exit the program as WhatsApp is always in progress.
Even if you have switched off your device, the system saves all your content until the next time you enter the program.

The WhatsApp system was taken over by Facebook on 02.19.2014. The price was $ 16 billion and it became the most profitable investment for Facebook.

It is also worth highlighting that the Watsapp application is used by around 450 million people, around seventy percent of whom enjoy communicating every day. The percentage of messages sent via WhatsApp significantly exceeds the total percentage of regularly paid SMS worldwide. There is a forecast that in the future the latest version of W.Hatsapp will use 1 billion. Person.


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