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Ordinary users’ fears about WhatsApp eavesdropping are understandable. In addition, many websites openly offer to download certain applications that – according to the assurances of the authors – make it possible not only to read the messages of others, but even to write on behalf of the victim … Let’s see if the devil is so scary is how it is painted. And most importantly – is it possible to listen to myself?¬†Whatsapp.

Is it that easy to listen to someone else’s WhatsApp?

First, unauthorized wiretapping is prohibited by law. And anyone who wants to hear someone else’s WhatsApp should remember that. Second, like many instant messengers, WhatsApp uses strong encryption protocols. And they are nowhere near as easy to hack as they are shown in Hollywood movies. Eavesdropping is not a trivial task even for an experienced hacker.

With so many offers to download a “magical” program that supposedly only allows you to enter the victim’s phone number and access his WhatsApp, you should definitely not trust such programs. For the most part, this is a scam one way or another..

If everything were that simple, we would all have been hacked many times a long time ago. As a result, anyone would have left Watsap a long time ago – and this is primarily of no benefit to the developers themselves. That’s why they work hard to keep their users safe.

Is it possible to determine that you are being bugged?

Probably one more urgent question remains: is there any way to tell if they’re listening to you? In fact, there are general recommendations in this regard. But even if all of the following are the same, this alone does not guarantee the fact of eavesdropping.

So you are probably bugged if:

Some things that only your subscriber should know about suddenly go into the public domain. Here, however, one cannot rule out the chatty nature of the pen pal himself …
WhatsApp behaves “kind of wrong” during work – especially during a call;
Extraneous noises can be heard in the handset. Especially at the beginning of a conversation – as if something was switched on. Although this could mean normal disturbances;
when the voices of strangers can be heard directly during the conversation. However, it is unlikely that an attacker would start chatting while listening.

Of course, it’s up to everyone to decide whether they’re afraid of eavesdropping. Be that as it may, you may not want to trust digital communication channels for particularly sensitive information.


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