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WhatsApp group Is a chat in which several people can communicate at the same time. The group is managed by a moderator, who is also the creator. The administrator can add new members, remove offenders, change the community name and avatar.

If the moderator manages the team correctly, they can get a good alternative to social networks. But many users are interested in how to find new groups in WatsAp, see jokes and read interesting stories? All of this is possible if you follow a few tips.

Where can you find interesting WatsAp groups?

Creating and populating your own community is a pretty tedious process. Therefore, in order to have a good free time, the user can chat in a group that is already popular. You can find and join an interesting WhatsApp group from both your computer and phone. Community administrators are always interested in new members. And don’t be afraid that they might refuse to join.

How Whatsapp works on a phone without internet

Search options for the company:

By phone number.

If the user was not previously a member of the community, they will not be able to find them using the application’s default search system, even if they know the name of the group. But there is a way out. Due to the free access on the Internet, many websites have been created that specialize in collecting interesting associations. From the proposed catalog, you can choose WatsAp groups with fun, music communities, and other general chats of interest.

After the description, the administrator’s phone number is added to the list. To join the conversation, it is enough to write to this number and inform of your decision. After the application has been verified, the contact will appear in the main chat list.


You cannot access general chat through the link just by communicating with the administrator. Links to communities are also posted on the Internet along with descriptions. You can go to any of them and just wait for a response – notification of participation in the chat.

When WhatsApp can’t see contacts

But there is another way to find interesting and fun groups based on references – using directory programs. These utilities can be downloaded from any app store. After installing the program, the user can choose a suitable team for himself and join by clicking on a special icon. The catalog contains the following categories:

Groups of jokes;
Communities for communication;
to acquaintance;
bless you:
and much more.

If at some point the user realizes that they no longer want to be a member of the group chat, they can leave them immediately. To do this, you need to press and hold the name of the chat a little. And after the context menu appears, click on “Leave group”.


Can you imagine positive WhatsApp communication without funny memes, videos and humorous pictures? There are whole communities and WhatsApp groups in the network with gags and special thematic collections. In a team company, you can pick up a unique greeting, convey your mood or liven up the chat

Where to look for interesting groups

Humorous societies can be found online through a browser or in mobile stores – Play Market, App Store. In the search bar, enter: Vatsap group Jokes, cool groups. The drop-down list offers a wide range of choices. You can visit several of them, rate the style and relevance, and download whatever you like.

We provide a list of the most popular communities where Watsap has cool content.

“”Laugh»- This community contains original media content: videos, photos, images. The data can be shared, stored in WhatsApp feeds, chatted and messages from others rated.
“”Funny videos“- a team with strict rules (” non-censorship “, immoral or aggressive behavior). Places where video, audio, images and comments are allowed;
“”Fun +»- After registration, access to gifs, images, anecdotes and humorous status will be opened.
“”Crazy “: Community Limit 18+. Current jokes that are updated frequently.
“”plus minus»: In addition to sharing and downloading media files, communication and jokes are allowed.
“”The laughter is endless“- an endless feed: videos, clips, anecdotes, status. You can invite friends and save content in chats.
WhatsApp’s humor communities are constantly being updated, with some closing and new ones emerging. To keep up to date, follow them online and in mobile stores

How to download to the device

We enter the ones you like (if necessary, we will register).
Find the type of device it is installed on Whatsapp.
We’re joining (send a request to the administrator).
We look at the categories and choose the ones we like.
Next to the medium press the button “Download / Share“.
We put the joke in the feed.

Not using Watsap joke groups yet? – Then by all means give it a try and your posts will become the most popular with friends.


It’s no secret that the most popular groups in Whatsapp Not only do you have fun for your participants, but their owners can also earn good money if they wish, for example with advertising. But normal users usually just want to become normal participants. However, not everyone knows how to find the most interesting communities in Watsap.

How to find a group in Watsap

Unlike Vatsap’s direct competitor – Viber – there is no global search for all available groups. This means that every person can create a group chat themselves. But no name Groups in Watsap, Nobody will know their exact address until new members join.

Fortunately, there are a few ways on WhatsApp to find the one you want. For this purpose, for example, special publics are created in social networks. Here everyone can invite new members to take part in the group chat and become its full member.

Links to WhatsApp groups can also be found on special websites. The directories here provide phone numbers for such communities. So you can try to ask there.

By the way, when creating and promoting such a group, you need to take into account that your phone number will then be available to an unlimited number of people.

Some popular bands in Watsap

Communities on WhatsApp are a rapidly growing form of communication. And here is just a small part of it:

With humor all over the world – According to the authors, this is a place where you can have fun and communicate with users of different nationalities and countries. Active communication in different languages ​​is carried out all the time. Room: +7 960 477-42-82;;
Extra income. And this community can come in handy for those looking for one way or another to make extra money. According to the authors, the salary is official. Address: +7 914 542-21-12;;
Exchange 18+. As you can see from the name, the exchange of photo and video content from the “For adults” category is offered. Administrator number: +7 911 577-45-60;;
The abyss – the most ruthless group. There are no rules here, you can do anything. Number to add: +7 978 148-46-89.

As you can see, without global search tools, you can find a group of interests and communicate with other people within it.


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