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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your INSTALLING AND USING THE WATSAPP ON A PC


Many people regularly wonder whether it is possible to install Whatsapp on a computer, understanding that the application was originally created exclusively for smartphones. At the same time, users want to run certain processes on a PC and at the same time communicate without restrictions with their friends, work colleagues and various relatives, without being distracted by the phone on which it is installed. delivery boy.

Fans of the popular program can rejoice as they have the opportunity to use this service on their desktop, which is designed for fast message transmission. Only they should be careful as there are a decent number of unreliable websites on the network that offer downloading the Messenger to a PC. At the same time, internet resources are still silent about the fact that there is no official version of the application.

Any user can use one of two options to install the program on a computer. Both methods are characterized by their safety.

Can Whatsapp be installed when using the Android emulator on a computer?

One person has the option to use this method. For this he needs:

Install an Android emulator on the desktop. For example, it could be BlueStacks.
Go to the official Google Play Store from which you need to download WhatsApp to virtual Android.
Provide a real mobile number as an SMS will be sent to it with a code that will allow you to activate the application. It must be entered manually in a special field that will appear after clicking the “Call” button. The code is entered directly by a person, as the program cannot read it itself as the SMS is sent directly to the mobile device.

Can I make WhatsApp calls from a computer?

You can take advantage of this popular service with the steps we have taken. A person just needs to enter their name.

Can I install WhatsApp on my computer using a browser?

Since the developer did not create a stationary application specifically designed for the desktop, someone can use another variant of a workaround. In this case, you need to use the web version of the program for communication. At the same time, the user needs to understand that WhatsApp Web is not a new account, it is a duplicate.

How to send a photo via WhatsApp from your phone

To run the web version you will need:
Open a resource on the network with an address
Take a smartphone and point the camera at the encrypted square that appears on the website that opens. In this case, you need to go to the element first WhatsApp Web Messenger installed on the phone.
Scan the QR code on the PC screen. This process takes a few seconds. When done, the desktop will be synchronized with the service account.

How do I use Whatsapp WEB on a computer?

Now a person can do absolutely all communications on the web version in the same way as on a cellular device. The only difference is that he has to connect an additional camera, speakers and microphone to be able to send video and voice messages. The information provided will surely help you understand whether it is possible to install WhatsApp on a computer. Hence, users who have read it have no more questions about it.


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