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WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application for communication. More than 300 million users have already recognized all the benefits. And the number of followers of this messenger is growing day by day. And isn’t it surprising that newbies wonder how to install WhatsApp on Android? After all, they also want to join the world of WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp

It seems that this is an ordinary messenger that is not much different from similar similar applications.

However, it has its own face and charm that positively distinguishes it from other messengers:

Small information dimensions and thus user-friendliness, pleasantly simple user interface, not overloaded with confusing functions and menu items;
Economic use of internet traffic;
The ability not only to send text messages, but also to create graphic, audio and video attachments;
Communicate not only in a private chat mode, but also in a group.
Ability to change subjects. You can also assign a separate topic for each chat.

How to clear WhatsApp status

How do you download that?

In fact, the download itself can be done from several places:

In the official Android store. In this case, the system automatically determines the phone model and finds an optimized version. This method also rules out the presence of viruses.
From the official WhatsApp website. In this case, the user is also insured against harmful software.
From dozens of trusted third-party resources. The downside of this method is that you may get malware onto your device instead of the coveted Messenger.

You also need to make sure that WhatsApp is compatible with that particular phone model. This messenger is so undemanding in this regard that it can be run on almost any device with an Android operating system.

How do I install WhatsApp on Android?

There is absolutely nothing complicated when installing on a mobile device on Android. Depending on the connection speed and the performance of the device itself, the entire process can take two to ten minutes.

Can I make WhatsApp calls from a computer?

If the application is downloaded from Google Play, the installation will start automatically once it is fully downloaded. If the download was from the WhatsApp official website or a third party resource, you will need to find the apk file in the download folder and then run it. In this case the installation will also start. (The Apk format is a specialized archive for mobile systems with the Android operating system and cannot, for example, be opened on a computer.) After the installation is complete, the corresponding WhatsApp icon is displayed on the device desktop. It also needs to be pressed.


Immediately after authorization and the first start, WhatsApp automatically scans the list of phones in the address book and determines which of the friends has already installed this messenger. You can start communication.


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