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Imagine a situation where you started and set up your favorite messenger to chat with one of your friends now. And here’s what happens in reality: WhatsApp doesn’t see any contacts. What the hell? Where has everyone gone

Why WhatsApp doesn’t see any contacts

The reasons can be both technical and human.

Your subscriber has stopped using it Watsap and removed the program.
You have an outdated version of Messenger, so the system is faulty.
If your subscriber is a foreign national, their phone number must be provided in the exact international format.
You recently climbed into your smartphone’s settings and accidentally turned something off.
Someone close to you recently climbed on your phone and changed something there.
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The last point looks particularly awkward and suspicious. Could someone read my secret correspondence? And now are you in trouble? This also has a positive moment: now you are reliably convinced that your relatives or friends are trying to follow you and you will continue to exercise more caution when making an appointment with your loved one.

If you remember that you were involved in the settings yourself, go to security settings and see which contacts are open and which are closed. You can always get confused in a hurry. Check your phone book. If the participant’s phone isn’t there or access is denied, you won’t be able to see it either. Contacts in entire chat groups can be blocked, and many of your friends disappear from the contacts in WhatsApp Messenger. As the developers of the Watcap program recommend, in order to restore the run down privacy settings, it is helpful to first completely disable the visibility of all contacts and then enable it againIt’s like changing the gear oil. The car runs better after the upgrade.


Settings can often be lost in WhatsApp Messenger. Contact names disappeared in Vatsap? There are a number of reasons that can cause this error. The problem can be solved quickly and easily by following the directions and instructions.

What is the error like? Contacts are not displayed in WhatsApp when you open Messenger on a smartphone. The user only sees the numbers of the number – the names are not visible and instead of avatars there are empty windows.

What causes these errors and what can be done?

Reason 1. Messenger hasn’t been updated for a long time.

A user who has hesitated to update the software may encounter an incompatibility of the current version of the software with the newer options. In this case, an immediate update and review of the contact mapping is required. If all participant data was originally entered correctly, the list of persons and their data will be displayed correctly after the update.

Note! One of the indirect reasons contacts went missing is exiting Watsap or removing the application. Therefore, before proceeding with the next steps, you must verify that the software is installed on the participant’s smartphone..

Reason 2. The contact number is not in the correct format.

When entering a phone number, the international code is often overlooked. WhatsApp is only compatible with numbers entered in international format. So for Russia the number should look like this: +796 555 555 22. The user has to correct this error manually by going to each contact and correcting the digital parameters. As a rule, after making changes and re-entering Watsap, all contacts are displayed correctly.

Reason 3. Contacts are hidden.

Vatsap does not see any contacts, even if they are hidden.

You can view such numbers from the WhatsApp menu:

Go to the messenger.
Go to Settings.
Scroll and select Contacts.
Down near the line “All contacts “ (Allow viewing) Select the check box.
Go to the main menu and go to the section “Contacts”.
Next – menu and update.
Check your ad.

Reason 4. Virus.

Not all viruses work openly and get into the smartphone system. They can also be the reason why the names of the contacts in WhatsApp are missing or displayed incorrectly in the list. To fight such a program, you need an antivirus service downloaded from trusted sources (Google Market, AppStore, Microsoft Store). Unfortunately, after disinfecting the device, some contacts can be deleted and you will have to manually restore them with the help of friends and family.

With these algorithms, you can quickly restore your contact list and continue active communication with friends and colleagues.


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