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Would you like to send a message to a user but not a network? How does WhatsApp work on a phone without internet? There are several ways to solve the problem. Users can choose a personal one for their case.

Method 1: using WhatsApp via SMS

WhatsApp uses internet traffic instead of standard mobile SMS complexes. Therefore, communicating via SMS in Messenger is a strange activity. However, there are alternatives that will restore the WhatsApp experience without internet. Endless messaging is available in many tariff plans – you can use them as an addition to the standard WhatsApp design. What if there is a case where you need to use a forgotten SMS tariff?

Method 2: sorting out old dialogs

Every day, users receive so many messages that it is not possible to pay attention to each and every one of them. Sometimes people scroll down and just forget about it. With WhatsApp now offline, it’s time to clean up the conversations that have been collected.

The date on your phone is not correct in the Watsapp application – fix the error

You can read and delete messages even without the Internet.
You can view pictures and videos and then filter them. After sorting, you can create schedules. As soon as the internet comes back up, messages are sent instantly to all users.
Therefore, it is worth looking at the lack of a network as an opportunity to restore order to the dialogues

Method 3: using ChatSim

Of course, ChatSim uses the network. That just belongs to someone else, and that doesn’t count. ChatSim is a roaming service. If the user is outside of the provider’s coverage area, or if there is simply no WiFi nearby and roaming is extremely expensive, ChatSim is helpful.

WhatsApp groups – how to join a group

This is a special SIM card that is required for chatting. It works with different operators and allows you to send text and MMS messages.
It is enough to install the card and all the settings will be set automatically: in the coverage area of ​​the partner service, the device will automatically connect and you will be able to use WhatsApp.

The service charges about $ 10 for one year of use. It is only important not to exceed the daily traffic volume set separately. You can download an additional application from the official website of the service.


The WhatsApp Messenger has an undeniable advantage. If you disconnect your Internet connection, not all functions will stop. The user can perform a variety of actions. An interesting overview of how Watsap works on a phone without internet can be found in the material.

Vatsap restrictions without internet

You should start with what options are not available to the user when disconnected.

What you can’t do in WhatsApp without the internet:

Receiving messages (test and media) in personal and group chats: friends, acquaintances, colleagues can write, but all messages are only downloaded if they are connected to the Internet.
Show changes in message status (delivered, read): While the connection is not active, no status updates are available to the user. Before leaving the network, you should make sure that all important data has been received and displayed.
Show changes of participants in groups (connected, left, etc.): during the period of inactivity it is impossible to find out which participants have joined chats or, on the contrary, left them.
Editing the format of group chats: updating the name, changing the avatar – all of this is only visible when connected to the network.

Working with a loaded database

Anything uploaded to the tapes before the network was shut down is fully available to the owner.

The subscriber can perform the following actions in the phone software:

Edit profile: change name, avatar, background, fonts;
View messages: read posts, view videos, listen to audio tracks;
Edit message history: The option to delete messages is active. The lack of a network is a good opportunity to put the history of the correspondence in order.
Downloading and saving media data: It is quite possible to download a video or a title in WhatsApp to your device without internet.

Create new messages

Messenger does not prohibit the creation of new messages when there is no connection. The user can not only generate a message, but also send it to the recipient. Such a message does not reach the end user. It hangs in the system in network standby mode and its status is displayed by a dial (to the right of the text or image). As soon as the device enters the network, the message is sent to the address immediately.

Alternative to cable connection

Special SIM cards for chats can replace the network connection. ChatSim is a global communication network that is represented in almost 150 countries worldwide. The card allows you to communicate in instant messengers without worrying about cellular tariffs or the presence of a wireless access point. Buying a chat sim will not drain your budget by more than $ 10, but you can still get full autonomy of communication for free.


There really is one caveat: installing such a card on the device will block other applications running on the Internet.

Knowing how to use WhatsApp without the internet is helpful so that you can properly distribute the time between keeping a correspondence history and communicating online.


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