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Since Messenger WhatsApp became completely free, some began to wonder: how does WhatsApp make money? And of course, the problem of personal income in Vatsap is no less acute for the particularly enterprising people.

How do WhatsApp developers make money?

Indeed some time ago, despite the fact that WhatsApp could be download completely free, it could only be used for free for one year. And then a fee of 0.99 cents had to be paid. However, relatively recently, the developers gave up on this. Yes, and you can’t see ads on WhatsApp … so it is perfectly reasonable for some users to ask how developers make their daily living.

In general, the main sources of income for owners are social networks and messengers

Paid content – games, emoticons, services, etc.

Apparently only the third way remains for Vatsap. However, the fact is that Vatsap doesn’t have all of these. As the practice of other similar programs shows, stickers will not make you much. And according to the developers themselves, they haven’t really figured out how to really make money from their idea yet.

With WhatsApp becoming owned by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg also said it was too early to talk about serious revenue: First, 2-3 billion people will need to use WhatsApp.

Ways To Make Money In Vatsap

Can you make money yourself in Vatsap? Naturally. However, there is not as much leeway as with full-fledged social networks. First, you can properly promote your group – and run ads from time to time. True, you have to really care about advertising in order for advertisers to be interested. Although, of course, no one will intervene in the independent promotion of its goods and services in Vatsap.

It has recently become possible to make video calls here. They can offer some advice on video communication – just like Skype users. But of course a small screen format is not the best option in this case …

After all, there are many offers on the web. If you believe them you can just send all the promotional SMS and get paid for it. However, to do this you need a really extensive database of WhatsApp numbers.


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