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Mobile device users are striving to add more memory to their devices. There is not enough memory in the phone itself. You must use any size USB flash drive. It is only important that it is supported by a smartphone. The use of SD drives is for storing important information that cannot be lost. Our guests ask themselves: how Whatsapp Transfer to SD card and we will try to answer it in as much detail as possible.

The benefits of using compact storage are undeniable. It is enough to pull out the microSD, reset the settings or flash the gadget again and insert the USB flash drive. All information is saved and available in the previous mode. This also applies to previously downloaded applications.

However, users will be easily disappointed. Transferring WhatsApp to a memory card is officially impossible. The developer did not provide this feature, so it is not possible to save a significant amount of internal space in the memory of the device itself.

Transfer WhatsApp: what to do for the user

Transferring an application to a USB flash drive is not possible due to the technical complexity of the process. However, you shouldn’t get upset too soon. Our portal will help you to find a way out of the situation. You can save the history of correspondence, photos and videos, as well as voice chat with other people, on additional drives. This is very beneficial as resetting your device to factory settings will save most of your important data.

Make a backup copy Backup copy, Preserve correspondence. To do this, you need to do two steps:

Go to “Chat Settings”.
Click the “Backup” item.
Wait for the process to complete and do not restart the device.

Done, no message will be lost. They do the same thing when you need to move the application from one device to another.

Just check if they support the memory card. For example, this function is not available in Apple devices; only the internal memory can be used there.

Our information portal will help you keep your profile in its original state, and detailed instructions will help you avoid errors and loss of personal data.


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