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If the user’s phone has passed several years of age or needs to be changed, then you need to know how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone. Buying a new device is always a pleasant event, but many are faced with the fact that it is necessary to transfer dialogue from one device to another. This is especially true for instant messengers, as every second person currently uses social platforms.

How to transfer WhatsApp to another smartphone

If you need to save all of your existing correspondence on a new phone, then you need to think about how the messenger works. It is based on the fact that it does not store any dialog history or attachments on its servers. All messages and files remain in the phone memory or are activated SD card.

This means that all files sent and received via WhatsApp are not stored in themselves but on the user’s device. In order to transfer WhatsApp chats to another phone, you need to backup the conversations on the device. This process is very simple and doesn’t cause any problems.

There are two ways to transfer contacts:

Select the required parameters in Messenger yourself.
Using Third Party Applications.
It is best to use the internal functions of the device to avoid downloading third-party programs. The method of transferring WhatsApp is different on iPhone and Android devices, so both options should be considered

How to backup chats on Android

All information for this operating system is transferred to Google Drive. To transfer WhatsApp you need to follow the steps below:

How to access the Watsapp app – registration and login
Go to the program menu (button “ellipse“) And click”the settings“;

Enter the section named “Chat rooms“;
In the new window click on the entry “Backup copy …“;

All that remains is to click on “Backup“.

This tab allows you to specify the time for automatic replication of all correspondence to avoid notifications that you need to make a copy. There is also a function “Add a video“This allows you to save videos from attachments to Google Drive. You need an account with this service.

Creating a new duplicate chat is very easy, but there are more steps to follow for the iPhone.

Watsapp application on Windows Mobile – download and install

How to backup chats on iOS

To duplicate conversations from iPhone to iPhone, you need to:

Go to the WhatsApp settings menu.
Enter the tab “Chat rooms“;
Select the article “Copy“;
To confirm the operations performed, you need to click the “Make a copy” button.
If you cannot save the correspondence in WhatsApp – you can write to the messenger technical support – they will help with every step of the replication. Among the additional uses, Backup for Whats can be recognized as one of the best tools for making copies of dialogues

To transport WhatsApp chats, after creating a duplicate of the correspondence, you need to install the messenger on a new device and transfer the files of the old correspondence to a new device by transferring them directly to a PC via a cable or the messenger directly download from Google Drive. WhatsApp itself offers to restore the backup data if a backup copy of the dialogs has been made on the user’s phone number.


Acquiring a new device becomes not only a joyful but also a problematic one. The messenger user needs to figure out how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone. Our material consists of simple and straightforward instructions on how to move data from one device to another.

Preparatory steps

To transfer WhatsApp data, you need to follow the steps below:

Create a new backup of the WhatsApp data.
Make changes to your account information, such as: B. a new phone number.

Change of number

This action may be necessary if you change not only the device but also the operator and SIM card. Make sure beforehand that the old and new cards are inserted in smartphones and are active.

The number is changed via the Messenger menu:

Enter the software.
Activate section “The settings” – “Account / Account“-“Change phone number“.
In the first field, confirm the current number assigned to the data record.
Enter the new number in the second field.
Perform the verification by SMS sent to a new phone.

If you install Messenger on a new device now, you can log into your account immediately and easily.

Important! An exception is the loss of a SIM card and a device. In this case, it helps to just block the SIM card and buy a new one. Be prepared for Vatsap not to restore your account information.

Backup copy

However, this step is mandatory in order to replace another Android or iOS phone and successfully save social accounts. The backup is usually performed automatically every few days. However, in order to transfer the system, it is better to make a copy right before changing phones.

The transmission algorithm comprises the following steps:

Sign in to WhatsApp.
Open the menu.
Go to the section “The settings”.
Next, you should enable the subsection “Chats”.
Select action “Backup copy“.
Define a new path or confirm an existing path to save the package.
Turn on chat copy and transfer.

Important! Copying can be done in the device memory, on a memory card or in the cloud. The latter option is best for moving data.


After you’ve created a backup, you can move chats to your new device. How to transfer WhatsApp chats to another phone: Follow the next few steps.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android

This is how the data backup from Android to Android is provided and now you can activate the new device. WhatsApp is downloaded and installed through trusted stores – AppStore, Google Market:

Enter the store, find and download software.
Start the installation.
Perform the registration or account verification with a new (old) phone number.

When you activate your account, the system should automatically detect the backup. You have to agree to download it.

Important! This move method works when both devices are running the same operating system. If the systems are different, you need to use the following methods..

Transferring data from iOS to Android

First of all, you need to take into account that transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android is not possible.

This is due to the fact that the data formats are incompatible and even if they are saved on the device, it is difficult to read and download. You can try by email or with the help of special conversion programs that can be found and downloaded on the Internet.



What to do if your gadget is lost or stolen along with synced social media accounts? The most effective is to call the operator and send a request to lock the SIM card. Fraudsters cannot use your data. You can play it safe by joining group chats to block your old phone number. There is no need to warn your interlocutors about changing the number and the reason for it.Lock icon

So changing your device shouldn’t be a problem to transfer your WhatsApp history and chat with your friends. You just need to follow the order of actions and the compatibility terms of the operating systems of the devices.


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