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For one reason or another, the user may be confused by the question of how to enter a password for WhatsApp on an iPhone or a device running Android. Unfortunately, the standard tools for this are not provided in the WhatsApp application itself. However, as there is in most cases, there is a way out.

Standard operating system tools

The simplest and most obvious method, if you do not want to install third-party applications, is to “lock” the device from entering the PIN code.

Password for WhatsApp for iPhones

There is a wonderful application iAppLock that allows you to lock not only WhatsApp but also some other applications with a password. The program works under “Fives” with iOS7. IAppLock is an optimization that must be downloaded and installed. Then it is possible to “lock” the application with a fingerprint and a PIN code as well as with a background image.

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Android password

The Google Play Store offers a variety of utilities that can be used to “lock” almost any application with a PIN code. Including WhatsApp.

Here are just a few of them:

WhatsApp Lock;
WhatsApp lock;
Block app;
and many others – for all tastes and budgets, including free ones.

Hey, I’m using WhatsApp – what does the expression mean?

WhatsApp lock

This utility can be called one of the most popular for Android. After downloading this application from Google Play and installing it on your mobile device, you will need to allow access to the phone’s features. Next, you’ll need to enter the password twice to eliminate the possibility of accidental mistake. Next, a special window will open in which you can set the authorization to “block” not only WhatsApp, but also regular SMS or Hangouts. In general, the question of how to set a password for WhatsApp can be considered solved. However, it is to be hoped that developers will add this feature to standard messenger tools in the future.


Question, How to enter a password for WhatsApp on iPhone, worries many users. Finally, you can do this with some instant messengers to protect access to the application with a password.

This is how you set a password for WhatsApp using normal means

Unfortunately, the messenger itself does not allow you to set a password. However, this can be done using third-party applications, which are discussed below. So to answer the question how to set a password on WhatsApp, can only be negative: nothing. However, you can simply lock the phone to enter a PIN code or use gestures to unlock the password. To some extent, this can be seen as protecting WhatsApp from unauthorized access.

Programs to protect applications with passwords

There are a few third-party utilities that can help resolve the problem. how to set a password for WhatsApp on Android or iPhone. Here are just a few of them:

AppLock. One of the most famous programs of its kind. It can set blocking not only for starting an application, but also for opening e-mails, SMS and contact lists.
In addition, you can set the block for certain actions with applications. For example delete, make changes. You can prohibit receiving or reversing calls, receiving and sending SMS.
If you use AppLock together with the GPS module, you can set the block at a specific point on the map.
Folder Lock – As the name suggests, it is not the application itself that is locked, but the folder. Including gallery, player sheet.
Smart AppLock. And this application blocks both programs and folders or even the entire device. At the same time there is a multitude of fine adjustments. For example, unlocking by location and time. You can decorate the lock screen with any theme you want. A very interesting function is the blocking by SMS remotely.

Whats Messenger – and this application, as you can guess from the name, is mainly designed to block WhatsApp. You can simply close the application startup or configure it so that messages cannot be read or sent. Or prohibit calls. Or put Password for WhatsApp hidden: so that nobody knows that the application is blocked.
Block for WhatsApp. Another WhatsApp blocking app. The program is easy to use. You can use a numeric combination of 4 to 8 digit numbers. Lock for WhatsApp has a very simple interface. For all its simplicity, Lock for WhatsApp does a great job with its main function – locking the Messenger from strangers.

In addition, you can find many similar free and commercial programs in the Google Play and Apple Store digital stores. You can learn how to use applications to set passwords on devices Enter a password for WhatsApp and no longer worry about someone reading private messages or vice versa – sending them – if, for example, the phone is stolen.


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