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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO SEND ANYTHING FROM A COMPUTER TO WHATSAPP


If you don’t have a smartphone on hand and need a connection on a free messenger, you need to know how to send an item from your computer to WhatsApp. After reading the instructions, the user of the electronics will complete the task in minutes.

Method 1: how to send a file to WhatsApp from a computer

You can use the free messenger on all electronic devices: computer, tablet, smartphone. To access your account from a PC, you need a special application or log into the network with a browser.

We go to WhatsApp Messenger in every browser. Then we open our profile and go to the message menu, where we press the button “Paper clip“.

In the list that opens, you need to select the option you want: record a video, send a photo and more.

When the finished file is available on your computer, you need to click the link “A photo“or”documentAnd send it immediately.
A computer dialog box will open where we will select and open the folder or file we want.

Good to know! There is a simplified option for sending graphics and other types of objects. To do this, simply go to the correspondence with the desired subscriber and drag the file from the folder directly onto the submission form. The proposed method can be sent as both a photo and a video

Method 2: how to correctly send a message to WhatsApp from a computer

If you need to send a message with a GIF or a link to a user in WhatsApp, you can use the WEB interface. To do this, you need to run the following algorithm.

When WhatsApp can’t see contacts
Follow the link that opens the authorization window.
To log into the network and delete a message from the video, you need to run the software on your smartphone. When will it open QR code On a computer, you should start the camera on your phone. The synchronization is then carried out

All contacts are immediately displayed on the PC screen. The user should go to the chat history and send a message to the contact, just like they would on a smartphone.

Method 3: Open WhatsApp from the BlueStacks platform

To enable this method, you need to download a special utility. With such a platform you can send a postcard and any type of text message to the messenger. You have to follow the instructions.

Find Blue Stacks on the internet and download them through your browser.

We start the installer and wait for the application to be fully installed.

Next go to the play market.
Find the WhatsApp application and install it.
Then you should register, enter the phone number and the verification code that will be received by SMS.

How can I turn off WhatsApp on my smartphone?

After the actions taken, the user receives the same version of the mobile application and can use it without restrictions.

Good to know! When using the Safari browser, some options, including sending pictures, may not be available. In order to be able to use the free messenger fully, you have to install Chrome, Opera or J. Browser

Method 4: how to send photo to user in WhatsApp offline

Sometimes it is important to remain invisible on the WhatsApp Messenger network. A third-party utility is required to use the application and not be recognized.

To do this, go to the Play Market and find the application hide for WhatsApp.

Install the software on your smartphone if the WhatsApp itself is already available and a Google account is open.
After starting a third-party application, the user is automatically redirected to the access settings, where they have to confirm it to hide it from WhatsApp.

This allows you to send messages anonymously without leaving any traces on the web.

After you have used the invisible program once, you must give it the right to use personal data from Messenger every time.


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