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One of the best instant messengers, WhatsApp is designed to instantly send text messages as well as make video and audio calls to contacts added to your friends list. And if the program was originally intended for mobile devices, thanks to its enormous popularity, the developers released a computer version.

Anyone with an account on a smartphone can use WhatsApp Web on a PC. To log into the system, it is enough to scan a special graphics key (QR code). For those who don’t know how to scan a code in WhatsApp using a phone, the simple instructions below will help.

What is QR code?

When you translate QR (Quick Response) from English, you get the phrase “Quick Response”. On this basis it becomes clear that the square with the graphic image is a kind of barcode. About which you can immediately read information with a special scanner.

The use of a QR code mostly replaces a normal hyperlink, as a large amount of data cannot always be summarized in one word. However, you can use the key to encrypt any information that is available after reading it

The code is recognized on a mobile phone with the help of a pre-installed program and the integrated smartphone camera.

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What is a QR code in WhatsApp for?

The WhatsApp pattern will allow you to sync data from your phone and log into the resource through the computer version of the program.

If it is sufficient to enter a personal subscriber number in order to start the messenger on a smartphone, the desktop program does not offer such an option. When creating the application, the developers went the other way and chose the authorization method via the QR code.

After reading the data by the device’s camera, the system automatically updates the data and opens access to the personal page

How to scan a code in WhatsApp

Before activating your account on a PC, you need to make sure that three important conditions are met:

The smartphone has the latest current version of WhatsApp.
The desktop program is loaded onto the computer.
Mobile internet and / or WiFi is connected and works properly.
If all the conditions are met, you can proceed directly to reading the key

Instructions for scanning a code in WhatsApp (suitable for smartphones of all operating systems):

Open the application installed on the computer. The QR code to be scanned is displayed in the middle of the homepage.

Start Messenger on your phone.

Go to the application settings.

Find the section “WhatsApp Web“.

The camera opens automatically on phones with the Android operating system. Under iOS, the user must open it by clicking “Code scan“.

To scan the key, you have to point the smartphone camera at the graphic square and place it in the marked frame. After receiving the required information, the system authorizes the user on the network and automatically synchronizes the data.

With the instructions above, you can enter the computer version of WhatsApp in just a few minutes. If the user did not have time to read the code, they can always request re-identification. Unfortunately, you cannot log into Messenger without scanning the key.


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