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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO SCAN THE CODE IN THE WHATSAPP WEB ON A COMPUTER


In the age of modern technology, it is quite easy to explain how to scan a code in WhatsApp on a computer. It is important to understand that in order to sync a smartphone and a computer via QR, you must first have a stable internet connection.

Scan the QR code

A step-by-step guide to scanning can be described by the following user actions:

Sign in to the company’s website, located at You can access the site from any browser from the link provided, both standard for the device and downloaded and installed according to the user’s preferences.

Look under the many company details in the upper left corner of a black and white square (this is the QR code that needs to be scanned with a smartphone).

Attention! If for some reason the user cannot find the green square of the code on the messenger official website or the website does not show the qr code in the top left corner, they can contact the website administration for help, always ready to help its users. You can do this by opening a VK public for Vatsap or contacting the developers via Facebook, for example
Installation and start of the Green Messenger.

Log into the user account with your username and password (the usual log-in to the WhatsApp account, with the help of which the user has the opportunity to correspond, exchange voice messages and photos with contacts).

Go to the main menu of the application.
In the application menu, select an entry called Whatsapp Web that you can use to scan the code.

Correlation of the empty square displayed on the smartphone screen with the previously recognized green barcode on the official website of Messenger.

Important! If all the actions declared according to the instructions have been carried out according to the instructions, the user will hear a characteristic sound from the speakers of the smartphone, indicating that the scan has been completed

All the functions that the user has

After both devices have been successfully synchronized, the account that is open on the smartphone is logged in on the computer.

Note! Without scanning the code, i.e. without a QR code, you cannot automatically log into the computer with the same account that is open on the phone

A user who no longer wonders how to scan WhatsApp from phone to computer can now use the messenger without any restrictions, that is, in the same format in which they used the application previously on the phone. That is, the user can also create group chats, send photos to their contacts, invite contacts who are not using the application to the messenger, send voice messages, etc.


Sometimes some users have difficulty how network Whatsapp comScan code. Some don’t even know what it is and why it is needed … A QR code is a special barcode that in this case is needed to identify the user from their device. As you know the entrance is too WhatsApp account takes place after entering the telephone number and receiving a special numeric code. However, for the web version, for some reason the developers decided to deviate from this identification method.

Immediately after the user went to the browser version of WhatsApp in the top left corner of the screen A QR code will be displayed. It has to be scanned with a smartphone. This requires:

Start WhatsApp from a mobile phone or tablet.
Sign in to your account if you haven’t already.
Select “WhatsApp Web” from the Messenger menu.
Point the mobile device camera at the code so that it fits into the rectangular frames on the phone screen.

If everything has been done correctly, a characteristic tone can be heard – and WhatsApp Messenger is loaded into the browser.

What the web version allows

After on network Whatsapp com scan QR the code is successful, the user is automatically redirected to the browser version of Messenger. What are its advantages and what does it allow to do in general? And almost everything is exactly the same as the full-fledged mobile version of WhatsApp:

chat with friends using text messages and emoticons;
create and manage individual and collective chats;
Change profile settings. In this case, all changes will be synchronized with the mobile version.
change your status;
Send voice messages and take photos with a webcam on your computer.

But to make voice calls with Browser version of WhatsApp not yet. Perhaps in the future developers will include such an opportunity, but this is only in the future. The undoubted advantage of the browser version is that typing on a full-size computer keyboard is much faster and more convenient than typing on the most “advanced” virtual keyboard on a smartphone. The screen buttons are clicked with the mouse. As seen at network Whatsapp com Scan code not difficult at all.


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