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How do I save a photo from WhatsApp on your phone? Many users who recently installed it on a mobile device are interested in this question.

Whatsapp Is one of the most popular systems for messaging, video and image exchange. There are two ways to save files on your phone.

Automatic download

To upload a photo from the application, you can use the automatic download function. Usually this service is active by default. However, if for whatever reason it has been disabled, you will need to enable it. Therefore:

Need Allow access to media files. Typically, when installing a service on a mobile phone, users receive a message. You can either allow or deny access to phone files. If the deviation command was previously selected, the user should change the settings.

To download images and photos to your device, you need to go to the section “the settings“And select the subsection”DataNext, you need to enable media auto-save. The user can independently choose the type of files they want to transfer to the device: pictures, audio, video or documents.

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Save to memory card

The second method for transferring images is suitable for smartphones with a small built-in memory. How to save photos from WhatsApp to gallery with memory card?

In the application settings you need to go to the sections System – Device Storage Control – Storage. And select the commands you want.
Download the File Manager add-on. It can be used to transfer voice messages and audio files to a mobile device.

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How to Save Photos from WhatsApp to iPhone

Automatic file downloads are also available for Apple phones. For iPhone 7 in particular, images and photos can be stored in the “AlbumsHowever, it is not possible to transfer the video to the device itself.

If necessary, users can turn off the automatic storage service using the application settings

While you are actively rewriting in “Watsap”, all tape data is there. If you clear history or clear memory, there is a risk of losing important pictures or videos. To avoid this, see the instructions on how to save a photo in Watsap.

Save to Android

Media files are saved on Android as long as the user gives Watsap permission to manage media data during installation. You can manage the storage parameters even if you have a pretty solid correspondence

How to save a photo from WhatsApp on your phone:

On a smartphone Enter WhatsApp.
Go to the section “the settings“- Subsection”Data“.

In the row for storing media, select the check box.

We check the folder “gallery»- a subfolder of WhatsApp Images.

Save on iOS

For “iPhone” the scheme of action is similar to the previous one. First, you need to enable memory allocation:

Turn onthe settings“.
Go to “Vault“.
We activate “Save media“.
Important! A mobile device has limited storage space. As a result, there is a risk of losing files when cleaning, formatting and transferring data to another mobile device. Tip: Try to systematically transfer files to cloud storage

Save on PC

You can transfer pictures to your computer as long as they are saved in the gadget’s gallery. The process is carried out in two ways – through an email message and by connecting a smartphone to a PC.

By email:

We open “gallery“Call and find”Images from WhatsApp“.

Select the images you want.
We choose the action – “Send by post“.

Sending is done through the connected email account (the system offers a choice).

Note! This method is useful when you are sending a small number of photos.

Via USB:

We connect the smartphone to the PC via USB (you can use the bluetooth function if active).
Go to the section “My computer“.
Find the device icon (model, number) and open it.

We are looking for a folder with media – WhatsApp pictures.

Open it up, select some or all of them and copy it to your computer.

The data is saved in the PC memory and can be moved to the cloud if necessary.

We hope you can throw our recommendations right a photo to the phone and computer from “Vatsap”. Use the option to your advantage.


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