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Sometimes problems arise in life when a person loses a smartphone or tablet. How to restore an account in Whatsapp in such a situation, when the application works on the principle: “one phone, one number – one account”? Is it possible and is it worth blocking the program from working if there is already a problem with your gadget? First of all, you need to think of three situations where a mobile device is lost:

ordinary loss of device;
intentional theft of the device by unknown persons;

Failure of the phone or tablet for technical reasons.

If you can’t mess with the lockout

Even if the gadget is not lost, it can fail so that it cannot be restored. For example, after hitting a phone with a car, it is almost impossible to fix. A SIM card often does not suffer and it is easy to recover if something happens in a communication salon of your cellular operator. At the same time, you have the right not to block Votsap.

If you have just lost your phone, all you have to do is lock the SIM card yourself so that none of those who found it would want to spend your money or call you from your number in Rio de Janeiro or Canberra to be in great debt. If a person contacts such remote places even through WhatsApp, your money will not be lost. Also, it will be difficult for a stranger to explain why they are speaking on your behalf.

When account lockout is required in line order

In this case, if the phone is stolen for the purpose of reselling, the crooks will try to get rid of the SIM card as soon as possible, as this is evidence against them. But there are also other cases of unauthorized access to an account where a tablet or phone suddenly disappears during an event or at work and even at home! The attacker may not be interested in the device itself, but in your correspondence. And it is precisely for this reason that the account is blocked. While the device is in the hands of someone who can spy on you, the correspondence that has already taken place can be read by them.

But he won’t see the development of the dialogue when the report is up blocked. In this case, however, you need to know how to reset WhatsApp to your old number because you only want to read the messages that you did not receive. After all, it is likely that a competitor or a jealous other half – depending on who is acting as the attacker – will throw your tablet or phone at you.

How can I block and restore WhatsApp?

If you feel it necessary to block access to your account, please email to deactivate your account.

If you have a SIM card with the same number, you can easily regain access to a new device. If something doesn’t work, you can contact support again with the question: How can Whatsapp be restored?


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