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Suppose a user bought a new phone or needed to reset the old one. Of course, he wants to restore the WhatsApp correspondence. How can this be done?

This can be done in several ways:

By using the Google Drive services;

By restoring the archive with the equivalent of the SD card or the phone’s internal storage;
From the iCloud resource.

Google Drive

To archive the history of correspondence with Google Drive, you first need an account for this service. Second, the smartphone itself has to be synchronized with it. To archive you need to go through the following items: Menu – Settings – Chats and Calls – Chat Backup. Next, you need to click on the “Back up to Google Drive” item. You can also configure the archiving frequency here.

How do I use WhatsApp Messenger in the emulator?


The iCloud service was developed for iOS smartphones. Archiving can take place at any time. To do this, you need to go through the following points: WhatsApp Settings – Chats – Copy. Here you need to click the “Create Backup” button. To do this, you must of course be registered with the iCloud service.

Recovery from internal memory or SD card

If you don’t want to keep an archive of the message on the Internet, you can arrange a daily local backup. Copies of archives are saved in the folder / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases. It can be opened with any file manager. The manager cannot restore the archive, and neither can simply reading the correspondence.

How do I make calls with WhatsApp?

To restore the correspondence, when confirming the phone number, when the application asks you whether the archive needs to be restored, answer in the affirmative. It is true that this will only be possible to a depth of seven days.

To restore older archives, you need to do the following:

Install any file manager.
In the manager go to / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases.
In the manager, rename the file to be restored from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 to msgstore.db.crypt8.
Remove and reinstall Messenger.
When asked if the correspondence should be restored the answer is yes.


Sometimes, for whatever reason, a personal or group chat on Messenger, as well as the history of the correspondence, may be lost. Don’t panic or regret that nothing is saved. You cannot restore important data. Visit our portal to learn how to recover messages in Watsape. This is done easily and very quickly. You do not need to take the device to a service center or seek advice from technical support.

Where is the history of the messages stored?

If you accidentally deleted the excess, this is not a problem. You can always recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. The developers of Messenger have made sure that users can work with this functional software as conveniently and comfortably as possible.

Not sure where the story is stored? If you own an Android-based gadget, look for it in the following sections:

Memory card;
internal storage of a phone or tablet;
Google Drive (if connected and activated).

Restoring deleted messages in WhatsApp is possible for users of the cloud service. The data is stored for 7 days and then deleted. Backups are created regularly, no information is lost.

Notice! Mobile client developers have been overly concerned with data protection recently. Hence, the history is not saved on the software servers and it does not work to restore WhatsApp correspondence through tech support.

How is a cloud backup created?

iCloud, Google Drive or in other words a cloud service is a very important and useful innovation for the owners of modern devices. To back up all of your group and private chats in the event of data loss, do the following:

Go to Application Settings.
From there, find the Chats tab.
Click on Copy.
Confirm Make a copy.

Activate the automatic copy function so that you don’t bother yourself all the time if all of your daily text files are important to you. The program will do it all for you, and it will do so with enviable regularity.

Such actions allow you not only to copy short text messages, but also to save transferred photos and videos. Your iCloud account is entirely yours and you can customize the content as you wish. You can completely add or exclude a video at any time after copying it to another device or media.

Making a copy in the cloud is not a tiny process, it may take some time, please be patient and Under no circumstances should you interrupt the process until the program is informed of its end. The speed at which files are transferred depends on their type (videos and photos take longer to transfer than text), as well as the speed of the internet connection and the current history.

If you make copies every day, it will take you very little time!

An easy way to bring history back

Delete the WhatsApp app from your mobile gadget.
Download this program from the market (an updated version is possible) and reinstall it.
Follow the installation process carefully. A message will appear on the display asking you to restore your chat history.
Agree by confirming the action.

How to get information about iOS devices

This method of recovering deleted correspondence on Vatsap is widely used:

Check the archive. This is easy to do in the Chats section.
Find the list of dialogs, there are often deleted files left.
Check iCloud, first check the settings and make sure it is active.
Access to the messenger must be activated.
Make a copy.
Reinstall the mobile client and use restore from previous copies.

If you do everything correctly, it will save the necessary files that the user can access at any time. On our portal you will only find practical advice on how to prevent the loss of very important data from your mobile client.


Often times you will find a question on the forums How to restore the correspondence in Watsap and can it even be done? This question can be answered in different ways: yes and no …

When and when you cannot restore the correspondence

The fact is, you can only restore the correspondence if it has been saved as a backup. In all other cases, neither the deleted message nor the entire history, if any has not yet been saved, impossible. The point is that all messages as well as settings are stored on a central server.

On the one hand it is practical: after all, the user does not have to manually synchronize the correspondence history from all devices. For example, to recover a deleted message, you need to interact with the server itself. It is clear that no one will grant such rights to a normal user. Hence the answer to the question how to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp, there are no clear …

How to back up messages

You can reserve the history either manually or automatically. In this case there are also options to save:

in local storage, that is, on the device itself;
to Google Drive.

First, WhatsApp is configured so that the backup is done once a day in local storage. However, you can adjust this frequency in your own way and do a manual backup. For this you need:

go to the messenger menu;
Select the item: Settings – Chats and calls – Chat backup;
You will be asked to save the archive on the device itself or in Google Drive.

In order to be able to save the correspondence archive in the Google Cloud, you must first link the existing one Google user account or start a new one. Please note that every new archive overwrites the old one. So there is no archive history.

How to restore correspondence in WhatsApp from backups

Now that you’ve made a backup, it’s time to think about it How to Recover Messages in WhatsApp from this copy. To do this, you must first log out of your account and log in again. Before confirming the phone number, WhatsApp will ask if you need to restore the conversation from the backup. You have to answer in the affirmative if necessary. It has already been established that Google does not keep a history of the correspondence archive. However, you can do it yourself. To do this, it is sufficient to copy the chat archive to an SD card, for example.

The archive itself can be found on the phone at: / sdcard / WhatsApp / databases. You need to find a file that has a name like: msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8, where:

YYYY – the year the archive was created;
MM – month;
DD is the day.

And then rename it at your own discretion. In front, how to restore whatsapp Correspondence from any copy of the chat you need to rename the archive file to msgstore.db.crypt8, reinstall WhatsApp and agree to restore the chat history.

Possible problems with Google Drive

It seems that everything is very simple. However, in some cases, you may encounter issues with restoring from Google service. It can be caused by reasons::

Internet connection problems. The device simply cannot connect to the Google service.
For example, the correspondence history file was accidentally deleted by the user himself.
Google Play is not installed on the device.
on an Android device with version 2.3.4;
You’re not signed in to your Google Drive account.
There is not enough free space on Google Drive.

Knowledge How to restore the correspondence in Watsap, You no longer have to worry about the security of your messages even if you lose your phone.


Deleting correspondence in Watsap can be linked to a virus infection of the gadget, errors in clearing the memory or transferring an account from one device to another. Regardless of the reason, users are interested in how to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp.

Backup copy

The manufacturer’s settings require a daily backup copy. If you are used to controlling your data, make sure in advance that the backup parameters are right for you:

Go to the messenger.
incantation “Menu”.
Go to “The settings” – – “Chats” – “Copy backup“.
Choose a copy option – instantly to an SD card or normally to Google Drive.
To activate a Google Cloud Drive, you may need to create an account. You need to choose an option and follow the creation wizard.

Each subsequent copy is stored in Google Drive for 7 days and then archived in the system catalogs. If the messages were reset within a week, all you need to do is refer to the backup.

Important! The option works if the phone number has not changed within 3-4 days of making the reservation. The account must be valid.

You can use the reserve according to the following algorithm:

Without leaving your account, you will need to delete Vatsap on the device.
Go to AppStore or Google Market.
Download the latest software version.
Start and register.
After specifying the data, the system can display a message that a backup is available.
Approve the restore request.

How to view deleted messages

If you don’t know exactly when your message history disappeared, you’ll need to download a file manager and gain access to the system files that hold the previous copies of the backup. Usually, each copy contains parameters for the creation date. A suitable copy can be called the last copy and used for data recovery:

Download the file manager from the app stores.
Open manager and open command / sdcard / WhatsApp / databases.
Find the file you want by name msgstore- YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12, YYYY-MM-DD is the creation date.
Give the reserve a different name – msgstore.db.crypt12.
Remove and reinstall Messenger.
Take advantage of the offer to restore data from the last reserve.

Note! In some cases, such as a virus, not all messages can be recovered. In this case, you can ask friends and interlocutors to resend you fragments of the lost chat.

Now you know if it is possible to recover deleted data from Messenger and how to do it. Use our instructions!


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