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When the phone book is full of subscriber numbers, it is often difficult to remember – who are all these worthy people? But finding the right person becomes quite difficult. In such a situation, advanced users will proceed with “cleanup”. Warning. According to Murphy’s law, every thing thrown away comes to life in exactly two weeks. So before deleting a subscriber’s number, think about it – what if today’s irritation towards that person is about to change? What if you are in dire need of that special friend’s unique connections and skills?

How to remove a user from WhatsApp

Go to the Contacts section of your WhatsApp app.
Mark the contact to be destroyed.
There is an item in the contact information to delete.
Remove unwanted contact.
After that, you need to go back to the Contacts menu and refresh the list.
You need to remove the user from the phone book and that contact will be removed from WhatsApp

Interesting WhatsApp Groups – Where to Find

If the user still hasn’t disappeared from Messenger, it is likely that this number is in the chat lists somewhere. In such a situation, you need to find and delete the chat with that contact.

How to Delete WhatsApp Users on iPhone

Go to Contacts.
Select the unnecessary contact and open the editing interface.
Find the contact information item and delete it from there.
Log in to the Watsap application from a computer online

Learn more about how to delete users from WhatsApp

As you remember, WhatsApp Messenger takes all contacts from your smartphone phonebook and copies them. As a result, users deleted from WhatsApp may reappear on the list the next time they scan. So if you want to permanently remove any number, go to Contacts on your mobile device and delete unwanted contacts there. WhatsApp is a cross-platform application. On other phone models, the control menus are organized differently and users are also deleted.

Remove the user from WhatsApp – correct instructions

Surely some users have thought about it as a user of WhatsApp, but they didn’t understand how to do it right so that he wouldn’t be seen anywhere else. The point is that the list of contacts is formed by subscribers in the phone book. In addition, all accounts, without exception, are linked to a mobile phone number. Therefore it is not possible to delete the user just like that. To do this, you must first remove the person from the list of subscribers on the device itself. This may seem inconvenient to some, but this is the specialty of the application.

Alternatively, tap the username at the top of the chat screen and select “Contact Information”. Then go to the menu on “Open in address book” and remove the person from there. Next, you need to update the list of users by going to: Contacts – Menu – Update. If the person or their number is still visible in the user list, you will also need to delete the chat with that person. To do this, click the service button in the upper right corner of the chat screen and select the item from the menu that appears “Delete chat”. It should be noted that “delete chat” and “delete chat” are not the same thing. When you delete a chat, it stays in place, only all messages received and sent are removed from it.

Out of sight out of mind

Before deleting, you can also block an unwanted user so that they can no longer bother them from their account. Therefore You can do it in two ways:

Open the Messenger menu and go through the following items: Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked. The blacklist of previously blocked users opens. You need to click the button in the upper right corner, which is a silhouette of a man with a plus sign. From the new list, select the name of the user you want to block.
You can also just go to chat with the contact and select “Block” in the chat menu.

But before that How to remove a user from WhatsApp, You still need to think carefully: after all, it is impossible to restore it without knowing the phone number … in general, deleting a contact is not so complicated, although it has its own nuances. Knowing how to remove a user from WhatsApp will not only allow you to block an unwanted user, but also completely delete them from the contact list and from your storage.


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