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Not so long ago the developer released the desktop version of the popular Messenger. It is available to almost all owners of various smartphones, except users of Apple gadgets. The WhatsApp web iPhone service just doesn’t open like other mobile devices. At the same time, people with phones that were issued the emblem in the form of a bitten apple should not be upset, since the problem can be solved quite easily. To do this, they have to use a jailbreak.

Application web version opens in almost every browser. At the same time, you need to know and remember that this is just a customer of a popular messenger. Therefore, to run it on a PC, there must be an active and stable internet connection between it and the smartphone. In addition, you need to synchronize the person’s account information using the cross-platform application. To do this, a QR code is scanned on the PC monitor.

How to scan a code on WhatsApp with your phone

How do I open the web version of Whatsapp on a PC with an iPhone?

Starting the program on a PC is easy.

The user will always get a positive result in the end if they do the following:

Download a mobile application from the App Store. In addition, the version should be the latest.
Install jailbreak on your phone. To do this, he will have to use Cydia, an unofficial analogue of a store that allows you to download various optimizations for free. The jailbreak is loaded here WhatsApp Web Makers possible. After that, it will be activated in the iOS settings. If you are having issues with the current web version in Cydia, it is recommended that you install the updated package through iFile, a file manager for jailbreaking gadgets.

Dating on WhatsApp Messenger and adding new users

The messenger is started and the settings are called up. There you need to open the new WhatsApp web section that will appear. Then select the entry Scan QR code from the menu. Click to activate the phone camera.
The QR code is scanned directly on the screen of a PC after switching to the web version of Messenger. To do this, you need to bring the camera of the mobile device close to the PC monitor.

As openly seen WhatsApp Web iPhone is very easy. It is best to use browsers based on the Blink engine to learn and scan the code. The most popular of them are Yandex, Chrome, Opera, Chromium.


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