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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO MAKE A LINK TO WHATSAPP ON INSTAGRAM


Knowing how to link to WhatsApp on Instagram is very useful, especially when you need to contact a user on a social network quickly. In previous versions of applications, a link with a phone number had to be entered manually. Now the developers have provided another option to make communication between users easier.

Method 1: how to correctly link to WhatsApp in Instragram on Android smartphones

It’s easy to install a link to a free messenger on any mobile device, but the process may vary slightly.

Go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon with the image “little man“.

On your personal page, click on “edit profile“.

Then the processing assistant opens, in which it is in the field “website»Insert a link like https: // phone = …, Where instead of dots your mobile number in international format without the sign “+“.

In order for the link to WhatsApp to be clicked in the Instagram profile, you must confirm the editing of the profile by clicking on the check mark at the top of the application.

Recover deleted chats in WhatsApp

Now when you click the url on the user page, every user will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp conversation.
Important! If you cannot actively redirect on a mobile gadget, you can use the official website of the social network, where you can make the changes you want

Method 2: Create a link to WhatsApp on your Instagram profile on Apple devices

Actions are performed the same way as previous versions of smartphones. To get an active link to WhatsApp on Instagram, a different verification method is provided.

How do I install WhatsApp on Android phones or iPhones?

Go to your Instagram profile and open your personal page by clicking on “little man“Then click”To edit“.
Let’s go to the field “website“Where we register the link manually, but it is more convenient to copy it and add your mobile number.
Press the button “Done“Then we check the link functionality. If you click on it, the profile should be automatically redirected to the course of correspondence with the contact.

You can set a link directly from the course of correspondence with the interlocutor on the Instagram network. This will ensure that the contact reads it and follows it.

For those who not only communicate, but also work through social networks, it is convenient if the official data for communication are published on the personal page. Instagram can post automatic redirects to various social networks, including Whatsapp. What is a link to Watsap on Instagram and how can you activate it? We will tell you.

The option is practical and was created with WhatsApp Api. It is visible to subscribers to the account and shown in the profile as an additional contact. By clicking on it, the user can immediately start a new chat and write you a message

Creating a forwarding footnote is a quick and easy process. Consider the algorithm for creating a link to WhatsApp on Instagram:

Log into your Instagram account.
Go to the profile page (the little man in the top right).

We activate the button “Machining“.

We find the line “Website“.
The line is active for filling, you must insert an address in the following format: https: // phone = ???. Replace the question marks on the right mobile number, linked to the WhatsApp account. The telephone number is given in the international standard. For Russia it will look like this: 79014954376.

We save the changes, go to the main page.
We find the address footnote “on watsap“Click to check.

The system should redirect you to the Soft Messenger immediately.
The footnote is also visible to your subscribers. You can contact you through the messenger. This option is very useful for establishing new business relationships and quickly processing inquiries from existing and potential customers.

This function can be used under the following conditions:

You have valid WhatsApp and Instagram accounts.
to the sender – similar requirements;
The phone number you provided must be associated with your Vatsap account.

Everything! Now you can do such an activation for yourself and show your acquaintances (friends, relatives) how to create a link on Instagram. 


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