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WhatsApp is a free messaging program. The application is intended for use on phones and tablets and therefore cannot be started directly on a desktop PC. What is required for this and how do you install WhatsApp on a computer?

Install WhatsApp: 4 Easy Steps

The easiest way is to download one of the many Android emulators. Most of them are free to use. The most popular options are YouWave and BlueStacks. Choosing the right program is the most difficult phase.

Once started, there are a few simple steps left to follow to install WhatsApp:

A browser will be launched in the emulator – you will need to use this to go to the official Messenger website
The installation file will be downloaded
Activation is in progress
The program is installed.
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Afterwards you can correspond with friends and use a PC, especially since all functions of the application are retained: sharing files, pictures, contacts, using emoticons.

Using WhatsApp over WhatsApp Web

There is another way to install Watsap on your computer – using the WhatsApp web service. This requires:

Install Messenger on your smartphone
Go to in your browser
Pass the authorization with your phone
In the application on the smartphone, go to: Chats-Menu- WhatsApp Web
Scan the QR code that appears on the computer monitor
When the scanning is complete, the chat window will open in a browser on your PC.
Download and install WhatsApp for computer for free

You can also install Whatsapp in any Android emulator, but this method is no longer relevant

The program only works if its full version is installed. Thanks to this feature, users can communicate in the most convenient way: both on the phone and on the computer. The question of how to install WhatsApp on a computer is one of the most common among program users. And despite the fact that direct installation is not possible, you can easily run the popular messenger on a stationary PC.

Installing WhatsApp location on a computer is not very complicated and does not take much time. The official version of WhatsApp for the computer was not developed, so we will be using an emulator. All the actions are quite simple and do not take much time. Let’s go back to the question of how to install Whatsapp (Whatsapp) on a computer

To get started, you need to download the Android computer application that will install the smartphone application on your computer. One such program is a program called BlueStacks (download). After you have installed the program, execute the phrase in the system search WhatsApp Messenger.

To install WhatsApp Messenger on your computer, you need to register in the system Google play, If you create an account there, you will have to enter your personal data into the profile several times. After checking your data, downloading the program is easy.

Once downloaded, follow all on-screen instructions and launch the program. In the “Telephone number” field, only enter the actual number. You will receive an SMS message with a one-time password or use the voice option to receive a code. This completes the WhatsApp Manager installation process on your computer. All you have to do is fill in the missing contacts of friends and relatives you want to contact.

The easiest way to use Whatsapp on a computer is to use the Whatsapp online service

The WhatsApp program is very popular in America and Europe, but now it is quickly and safely gaining more and more fans among our compatriots. It is very convenient to share with friends, just taken photos, new pictures and music compositions in unlimited quantities. You can also install WhatsApp to Bluestaks emulator – Instructions on the link.

You can even send messages outside of the country to regular cellular operators, such a service would not cost cheap, but the application Whatsapp, makes it possible to do this absolutely for free, as the cost of all messages is included in the basic cost of the program. Another advantage of WhatsApp compared to regular SMS sending is the ability to send your current location.

Other versions of Watsap Messenger:

Download WhatsApp for PC WhatsApp for PC
Download Whatsapp (WhatsApp) to a laptop
Download WhatsApp for Windows 7
Download Whatsapp on your phone for free
WhatsApp for Bada free download
Download WhatsApp for Android
Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry
Download WhatsApp for iPhone
Download WhatsApp for Nokia S40
Download Whatsapp for Samsung for free
Download WhatsApp for Symbian
Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone
Download Whatsapp for Nokia for free

Friends, relatives and acquaintances can get complete information about your location and don’t have to search for you all over town. A red point on the map shows your exact location. Simplify your life with an app that can save you money – WhatsApp. You can download the application without long and exhausting registration on our website.

How to install WhatsApp on a computer video instruction:


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