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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO INSTALL WHATSAPP FOR APPLE WATCH


Apple Watch is a new device that opened a new milestone in the history of smartphones. In fact, the user not only has a watch at his disposal, but also a full-fledged wristop computer that offers a variety of functions and meets the advanced requirements. However, not many applications have been released for the new platform. The WhatsApp developers have announced that their product will soon appear on Apple Watches.

WhatsApp for Apple Watch is no different from the standard version. It will be a full-fledged messenger that offers standard functions. This is the ability to send messages, edit contacts and save correspondence history. In this case, you can choose different sounds for the notification method. This can be a vibration or just a notification on the display, which is made of shockproof glass and can be adjusted for brightness and expressiveness.

The main novelty will be the support of voice functions. Entering messages manually on Apple Watch is obviously problematic. For this purpose, a function is implemented that precisely perceives the user’s speech and copies it into text. At the same time, special commands are being developed that automate and greatly simplify a number of complex applications.

How Whatsapp works on Apple Watch

How can you be invisible in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is easy to use even on inexpensive smartphones. Need Apple Watch, it is going to be a really revolutionary product. The user can exchange messages with a variety of contacts with a miniature device for free. At the same time, you do not have to go to great lengths to install and configure an application on a gadget. The operating system will automatically copy and generate the exposed settings that were displayed on the iPhone.

Apple Watch is a unique brand development that keeps you connected. The smartwatch is compact, takes calls, gives the exact time and offers many useful options. The gadget belongs to the category of mini computers, this is a new stage in the history of smartphones. The guests of our portal are interested in whether it is possible to install the messenger Whatsapp for Apple Watch and what features it will support.

The installed program is practically no different from the version installed on phone or personal computer through the emulator. It must have the following options:

send short text messages;
Telephoning with a video camera (main or front camera);
speak to participants using voice communication;
Add and remove contacts;
Create group chats at your own discretion.
Save the correspondence history and come back at a convenient time.

Install WhatsApp on a smartwatch

WhatsApp for Apple Watch is not a standard program that does not require any additional settings. You have to suffer with it, especially for beginners. Our portal will try to provide step-by-step instructions to make installation easier:

Download and authorize the program on the iPhone. Remember, smartwatches will work with this device.
First, open the iWatch program.
Click Recommended or Search.
Select the application you want from the list and wait for the download.

In some cases you will have to enter a password – find a combination that you will not forget.

Program management functions

It is important to know that the application is used on two devices at the same time – a smartphone and a watch. It is very important to synchronize work in order to receive messages and calls without errors and software freezes.

The smartwatch offers you 2 installation options:


It is best to give preference to the first suggestion. In this case, an automatic data transfer from the smartphone to the watch is provided.

Did we help you install WhatsApp on Apple Watch? Use the convenient application anytime. The ability to voice messages means that messages no longer need to be printed on the mini-screen.


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