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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO INSTALL WATSUPP ON IPHONE


WhatsApp is a messenger that was originally released on Android devices. For a long time there were no versions for Apple’s gadgets. Users had to download a variety of crackers in order to work with the program. So far this problem has been resolved. There is an official version of the popular massager that supports all Apple devices.

To find out how to install WhatsApp on an iPhone, you have to follow a simple procedure. First of all, you need to visit the Appstore. All the applications for the phone are in this store. In the search bar you need to enter the name of the program. The store then automatically sorts the available applications. You need to install Messenger. There are many additional programs that may have similar names or are manuals or instructions.

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Usually the download only takes a few minutes. The application is installed immediately. Next you need to configure the program. WhatsApp is started for this purpose. After that the user has to accept all permissions. These are various documents, license agreements that are required for the official use of the program. It is worth remembering that WhatsApp is an absolutely free messenger that does not require any additional investment.

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Download Whatsapp for Iphone for free

To register in the program, it is sufficient to enter your own number. The application then automatically generates a user profile. It is important to note that the chances of old contacts and addresses being saved are small when using WhatsApp after Apple on Android. Especially when transferring history, which most mobile devices don’t support.

Mobile social networks like WhatsApp are now used by almost all smartphone owners. And if you don’t have such software on your iPhone yet, your friends will definitely advise you to install it. In this article, you will find all the information on how to install WhatsApp on iPhone 4, 5, 6 and later generations.

Device requirements

Then you need to know that the latest version of WhatsApp is working properly iPhone Generations of 4, 4s and up to the newest device iPhone X.. It is recommended that you install the latest version of the product, which is on the list of free iPhone applications on the Store for iOS devices – App Store

Important! We do not recommend finding and installing previous versions of Messenger on old iPhones. First, sooner or later the program will still ask for an update and after downloading it won’t work. Second, the device may not be able to save the history of correspondence, photos and video images.

Installation procedure

Let’s go straight to the installation. If you follow our instructions you will be able to use the messenger in 5 minutes. In order to:

We enter the store and find WhatsApp Messenger through the search line or in the heading “Top free“.
Download to iPhone.

We start the messenger and on the first page confirm the terms of the agreement with the users.
We’ll confirm your number Telephone (by SMS or voice call).

Imagine Verification code to a special line.
Installation completed.

The program will scan your contacts, identify and mark those who have the same software installed with an icon. Now you can communicate freely in this social network: send texts, voice messages, videos, photos, drawings and much more.

Special features

For the curious and very active, there is a not entirely official, but entirely acceptable option – the second WhatsApp. How to install the second WhatsApp:

First we go through all the steps of the official installation and create the first account (see above).
Next we activate the special Browser – Safari.
Enter the name of the site in the search box
In the drop-down list of the software we find “Whatsapp“And tap on it.
An information window with a green button at the bottom will open. You have to click on it.
Then you have to agree and Start installation.
The process will start and when the process is complete, the second messenger icon will appear on the screen.

In order for this account to work, let’s correct the iPhone settings:

Turn on the section the settings – – The main – – control.
Open log VNE software …
We choose the action “trust“.
Then we activate the second account using the phone number.

This option is available for iPhone 5, 5s and higher.

Note! It is important that the second account is linked to a different number, i.e. a SIM card

Now you know how to install Messenger on an iOS device and use it yourself.


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