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If you need to split the messenger on the device (e.g. into business and everyday accounts) then you should know how to create two WhatsApp on one phone.

Whatsapp Is a well-known messenger for text and voice messages. Among the owners of devices on the Android platform, there are over a billion people who use them. Thanks to it, you can send pictures, videos and other media files. At the same time, you only have to pay for the internet traffic used and not for every message.

How to download two WhatsApp on one device

How to install 2 WhatsApp on one phone? There are 2 current options thanks to which you can use 2 WhatsApp. Of course you need 2 SIM cards and an installed messenger on one of them.

Method 1: duplicating with parallel space

No special permissions are required for this method as the WhatsApp app allows you to duplicate it on a dual SIM phone. In Google Play Market you should “Parallel spaceYou can use it to create an analog for any application.

You need to download and install Parallel Space on your device.

After starting work, you should select WhatsApp to make a copy.

After the duplication process finishes, use the prompts to create an icon for the new program on the main display.

Next, you need to enter the new messenger and register in it under the second number. There are now two accounts.

You can also use the following option

Method 2: using OGWhatsApp

To use two instant messengers in one phone, you must first allow third-party programs to be installed:

Video calls in WhatsApp Messenger – application features
You need to go to the phone parameters.

Open the section “security“;

In point “Machine control“Should choose”unknown sources“;
Near the inscription “Allow installation of applications …“Make a mark.

Now you need to go to search and find OGWhatsApp.

After the installation you have to go to the second Watsap (original) and “Options“-“Dialogues“And then duplicate additional data;

In Explorer, look for the folder “Whatsapp“And change his name to”WhatsAppold“;

Through the parameters you should “Applications“Find WhatsApp and click”clear cache“. Messenger can now be removed from the iPhone or another device.

Furthermore “WhatsAppold“Should be renamed to”OGWhatsApp“;
Next, you should register the previous number that WhatsApp was uploaded to.
Now you have to download the original Vatsap from the Play Store and register there for an additional number.

Where can I find and download Whatsapp Viewer for free?

Done, now WhatsApp is set to two numbers on one phone.


The need to install 2 WhatsApps on one phone can be for different reasons. For example, you need to differentiate between business and personal accounts.

The characteristics of the messenger do not imply simultaneous communication in two chats. However, installing two profiles on one device is also not prohibited. How to get two WhatsApp on one phone – detailed recommendations are given below.

Option 1: two WhatsApr on Android

Technically, the messenger profile is linked to a separate mobile phone number. We’re not talking about how many cards are placed in the device. Hence, this installation option for two numbers is considered easier.

It is only important that:

The smartphone offered a stable wireless connection (Wi-Fi);
Mobile traffic was prepaid on both cards.
The user can switch between SIM cards manually.

Stage 1. Official (first) account in Watsap:

Go to the official store (Google Play).
Find WhatsApp and activate the download.
Start the messenger and enter personal data (location, numbers, name).
Pass the confirmation by SMS with a digital cipher.
Confirm the number and start the messenger.

Level 2. Parallel (second) account:

Back in Google Play.
Find and download the Parallel Space software.
Open the software and find the Watsap icon in it.
Activate download.
The messenger is installed on devices with an addition to the name in the form of Watsap +, Watsap Beta, etc.
Start the clone and register (provide the number of the second SIM card).

Now the user has two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. Right, you can use them as an alternative.

Option 2: two WhatsApr on the iPhone

How to install two WhatsApp on one phone if it is an iOS device? This option is also possible. For this you need a special software – TuTuHelper.

Stage 1.  First account.

It is installed in analogy to the Android system:

Go to the AppStore.
Find WhatsApp.
Download and register.

Level 2. Second account.

You can make the second registration using the algorithm:

Start the browser safari.
Enter the search bar TuTuHelper.
Agree to download the developer certificate.
Change security settings: Settings – Basic – Winner Media – Trust.
Activate TuTuHelper, authorize notifications.
Find WhatsApp ++ in the list of software.
Activate the download to the device.
Pre-authorize access to the developer under the name JiaNaHaiWei.
Start the application and register by confirming the number.

Thanks to the developed instructions, the question of how to install two watsap on one phone is not a tedious task. All you have to do is follow the order of actions and use trusted sources.


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