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Sometimes you need to ensure the confidentiality of your Internet visits and communications via instant messengers. For example, you don’t want your friends to bother you with messages and offers to talk to when you’re busy with work. They need internet access for business purposes and inaccessibility for annoying acquaintances. At the very least, you want to keep chatting with some subscribers in Watsap but not guessing others. Can this be ensured? How it is done?

Ways to hide visiting time on WhatsApp

It is possible to increase the privacy in Watsap Messenger, but not within very wide limits. It seems that the company’s owners advise against using the internet anonymously. Do you work for the NSA yourself? Is it because all of these connections are free because they come under the hood of special services? However, this is not the point. You can close the visibility of your account using the privacy settings in Messenger.

How to use WhatsApp on a computer

There are also several levels:

Close to everyone.
Be open to contacts from the phone book.
Close only by selected users.

At the same time, you should know that by fencing off the whole world, you will no longer see the time of your customers’ last visit. For example, you’ve blocked a phone number and now the owner doesn’t know you’ve made contact and received messages and calls. But you won’t be able to find out anything about him either.

Installing Watsap on an Android Smartphone User Guide

A private one can be arranged a little more comfortably Chat on WhatsApp Use special programs that can be downloaded from official sources and that make you invisible to other Instant Messenger users. These invisible hats for watsap include WhatsApp ghost applications and others. Among other things, you can hide your internet time, WhatsApp status, photos and other things. However, you will see all other users.

application Whatsapp Interesting for users, especially because you can configure data protection. You can hide a lot from interlocutors in a group or in personal correspondence dialogues, which does not affect further communication. All settings are changed in the opposite direction in a few seconds. Users of our portal are often interested in how to hide the visiting time in WhatsApp.

This can be done simply by following the step-by-step instructions:

Go to the app.
Select Settings from the list.
Sign in to your account.
Find the line privacy.

With this algorithm, you can hide the time of your visit in the application from the interlocutor, as well as the current status or correct it profile picThis is a very handy technique when you want to get rid of annoying or particularly social contacts and go about your business without being distracted by incoming messages.

The person will see that you are not there. The last date of the visit is a few days or months ago. No restrictions are imposed on the activation of the mode for the user of the program. You can enter the chat, view all messages and familiarize yourself with the community profiles.

Features and benefits of privacy settings

In the area of ​​data protection, the user has the opportunity not only to receive an answer to the question of how to hide the visiting time in WhatsApp, but also to use other interesting options.

There are several ways to correct your data:

The position “My contacts” means that information about visits will only be received from subscribers who are in the smartphone’s address book.
By selecting the “Everyone” item, you can easily view WhatsApp’s exit date for subscribers who participated in the conversation.
“Nobody” – The position of maximum secrecy, data on visits, the current status and photos will be inaccessible to any member of the community or for personal chat dialogue.

Notice! In this case, you will not be able to view information about others.

It is important to know how to not only turn off the time of the last visit in Vatsap, but also to change the parameters at the right time. You can find out how to do this on our portal.


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